Summer School Shoes: What to Pick

Summer School Shoes: What to Pick

Finding a pair of shoes that can withstand the summer months at school can be tricky. 

Thankfully, at Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of school shoes to choose from that are ideal for the warm summer months.

What to look for in summer school shoes

Choosing the right school shoes for summer can be tricky since there are so many different styles on the market

When the weather improves, your kids are likely to be spending more time outside, meaning they need a pair of school shoes that will keep up with your kids. 

Ideally, these are some of the qualities you should look for in summer school shoes:

At Lelli Kelly Shop, all of our shoes are made to be durable and supportive whilst always being comfortable and fashionable. 

Different types of school shoes for the summer

There are a wide variety of different school shoes you could choose from for the summer months. Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Canvas pumps 
  • Velcro pumps 
  • Dolly shoes 
  • Mary Janes
  • Brogue style shoes

Do you need to buy a new pair of school shoes for the summer?

If you think your kids' school shoes are appropriate for summer and are still in good condition, then realistically, you don’t need to buy a new pair of school shoes for the season.

However, if your kids have been wearing more winter appropriate shoes or boots, then it may be time to look for a pair that are more suitable for summer. Shoes that are for colder conditions can cause kids feet to sweat more when the temperature rises, which can in turn cause blisters and sores. 

Summer school shoes for girls

With three different width options to perfectly fit your kids feet, our Lelli Kelly school shoes are a great choice for wearing during those hot summer school days. 

The Fior Di Mela Apple Black Patent School Shoes are the perfect pair of simple school shoes that are ideal for wearing in the heat and with a number of different uniform styles. 

These shoes come in black patent uppers, making them easy to clean and polish, which is essential for kids who love to play outdoors in the sun. They also feature adjustable hook and loop fastenings with a diamante apple charm that can be removed if they don’t comply with your school's dress code.

Our Frankie SNR Grey Patent School Shoes are perfect for older girls who still want to keep their feet cool and comfortable, but still look stylish. These shoes feature single strap buckle fastenings, ideal for a range of different feet widths. 

These shoes have a chunky sole unit which is ideal for those who love playing and being outside on the lunch breaks. The padded leather lining also helps to provide the extra comfort you’d expect from Lelli Kelly shoes.

The Black Patent Tiffany School Dolly Shoes are a super cute pair of school shoes that can be transformed whenever your kids please. These shoes feature an embroidered design with our Lelli Kelly branding on the uppers, making them super stylish for a plain school shoe. 

However, these shoes also come with a choice of additional clip bows, which can be clipped onto the front of the shoe. They feature hook and loop fastenings that can be adjusted as the weather warms up through the day.

Our Perrie Navy Patent Leather School Shoes come in a patent navy finish, perfect for easily cleaning and wiping down after a day of playing at school. These shoes feature a blue bow on the uppers, as well as a Lelli Kelly branded adjustable hook and loop strap. 

The pink leather lining helps to provide all day comfort and coolness, ensuring your kids stay comfortable all day. 

The Black Lily Canvas School Pumps are a great plimsoll for PE thanks to their lightweight and breathable design. For ease of wear, these shoes come with two hook and loop fastenings that feature the Lelli Kelly branding. 

For extra comfort and support whilst playing outside, these shoes have padded heel counters and sole units.

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