Different Types of School Shoes

Different Types of School Shoes

The amount of different types of school shoes on offer can be a little daunting - we’ve pulled a list together of all the types of school shoes to make life much simpler when it comes to choosing the right pair for your child.

What makes a good school shoe?

There are a few factors which make a school shoe good. The first factor is that the shoe must be durable - this is because this shoe will most likely be your child’s most worn shoe.

The second factor is that the shoes must be comfortable. Just like the first factor, if you are wearing these shoes a lot, you don’t want them to be damaging your child's feet.

The final factor is style. People feel most happy and comfortable when wearing their favourite style of shoe. When all these factors are met, you've found the perfect school shoe for your child.

The different types of school shoes for kids

When it comes to style, Lelli Kelly has that in abundance. They have a multitude of styles and sizes to suit every child's wants and needs.

Patent School Shoes

Black high gloss leather school shoes
Lelli Kelly LK8800 (DB01)

Patent leather is a high-gloss, smooth and soft type of leather. The Black Patent Colourissima School Shoes are customisable - the velcro strap is decorated with an interchangeable bow and can also be coloured in using the felt tips provided.

Trainer Style School Shoes

Black breathable trainers school shoes
Lelli Kelly LK8384 (AB01) Sibilla

Trainer style school shoes are popular with young children as they are comfy but remain stylish. Some schools are a little more lenient on school shoe policies, meaning that your child is allowed to wear any fully black shoes. This allows them to get their favourite trainers in full black to wear for school, such as the Lelli Kelly Sibilla Trainers.

T-bar School Shoes

Black chunky base school shoes
Lelli Kelly LK8292 (DB01)

T-bar school shoes are mainly aimed at girls - they are very dainty and cute shoes which are bang on trend for the older girls at school. The Meryl T-Barbrogue Black School Shoe has a single buckle strap for easy fastening. It is detailed through a brogue design and the sole is chunky, allowing for extra support and more comfort when your child is running around the playground.

Canvas School Shoes

All black canvas pumps with black bow
Lelli Kelly LK8199 (BB01)

A canvas shoe is more of an athletic, comfy style shoe. The material itself is canvas, which is made up of cloth made from hemp. In PE, your child will most likely need canvas pumps to wear on their feet. The Lily Canvas School Pumps are a great choice as they are velcro and are stylishly decorated with a black bow.

Boots as School Shoes

Black leather ankle boots with side zip
Lelli Kelly LK5552 (FB01)

Depending on your child's likes, boots can be a great school shoe choice, especially during the winter. Lelli Kelly’s Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot has elasticated fabric along the sides and a zip down the inside to allow for ease when taking on and off.

Lace Up School Shoes

Smart black high gloss school shoe with black laces
Lelli Kelly LK8287 (DB01)

Lace up shoes show smartness and sophistication. With Lelli Kelly’s Rochelle School Shoes, they have a velour lace fastening. The heel of the shoe is also padded which provides extra comfort and more support to the feet.

Velcro School Shoes

Black durable school shoes with Velcro butterfly strap
Lelli Kelly LK8308 (CB01)

If you’re in a rush on the morning run to school before work, tying your young child's shoes is the last thing you want slowing you down. For this reason, velcro shoes are the best option as they are stylish and durable whilst being easy to put on. Lelli Kelly has a few velcro styled shoes to offer; each one has its own unique design. The Charlotte Sophia School Shoes are made of black leather and also have customisable straps.

Buckle School Shoes

Black high gloss school shoes with padded heel
Lelli Kelly LK8650 (DB01)

Buckle school shoes combine style, comfort and durability all into one, making them a great school shoe. The Nora LK School Shoes are made of black patent leather with one buckle for easy fastening. The padded heel also gives extra support when playing and running in the playground.

Buy school shoes online with Lelli Kelly Shop

Lelli Kelly school shoes come in three different widths to perfectly fit your little one's feet. They are great to be worn in the classroom as they are stylish and unique as well as being great for the playground as they are highly durable.

The possibilities are endless with the choice of interchangeable straps and a variety of different colours, all available online today.

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