How to Measure Toddlers and Childrens Feet

Measuring your daughters or sons feet can be easily done at home, either using household products or by purchasing a child's foot measuring gauge.

Measuring your child’s feet can make the purchasing of new shoes a lot easier. When purchasing shoes online, there is no one to measure their feet to know which size you’re looking for. If you follow the steps through our guide, you should be able to purchase the correct size shoe for your children online.

How often should I measure my child’s feet?

Children’s feet grow very fast. With this in mind, you should be measuring your child’s feet at least every other month to ensure the correct size of shoe is being purchased and to avoid any tantrums about sore feet!

How to measure baby and toddler’s feet

For measuring your baby's feet, all you need is a tape measure!

  1. The tape measure should be placed straight out against the sole of the baby’s foot.
  2. The measurement is then taken from the heel all the way to the tip of the big toe.

Now this measurement has been made, you now know approximately the insole length needed to make sure your baby’s feet are comfortable and not being squished in shoes.

How to measure children’s feet

When measuring your child’s feet, the easiest way is by using a piece of paper, a pen, marker or pencil and tape measure or ruler.

    1. First, get your child to stand on the piece of paper.
    2. Then, using a pencil, or anything which can mark paper, trace around the foot from the heel to the big toe; making sure your child stays as still as possible.
    3. Repeat this on the other side.
    4. Once both feet have been traced, using a tape measure or ruler, measure from the heel of the traced foot to the big toe.

This measurement should be taken every other month.

Once the measurement has been taken, you now have the approximate insole measurement for your child’s feet allowing you to purchase the correct size shoe.

Order Size
UK 6 15.1cm 18-24 months
UK 7 15.7cm 2-3 years
UK 8 16.4cm 3-4 years
UK 9 17.1 4.5 years
UK 10 17.8cm 5 years
UK 11 18.4cm 5.5 years
UK 11.5 19.0cm 6 years
UK 12 19.7cm 6.5 years

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Can I measure my children’s feet at home?

Measuring your child’s feet at home can be easily done, simply refer to the steps stated above and you can’t go wrong.

Once the measurement has been made, simply align with the Lelli Kelly Size Guide or the specifications tabled above and then purchase the perfect fitting shoe for your child.

How to check if your child’s shoes fit correctly

Once your child’s shoes have been delivered, put them onto your child’s feet to make sure it's a perfect fit.

Shoe Length

Firstly, fasten or tie the shoe then press your thumb, which should be side on, onto the front part of the shoe and firmly press down to see where your child’s toes are.

You are looking for a thumb width gap between your child’s toes and the end of the shoe.

When doing this, if you are struggling to find your child’s toes, then get them to do a slight wiggle.

Heel Fit

Now, it's time to test if the shoe fits around the heel. To do this, tug on the heel as if you were pulling off the shoe - if the shoe stays put with a small amount of give, then the shoe fits well.

Shoe Width

Next, the width should be checked. Using your finger and your thumb, gently press around the edges to see where your child’s feet are.

Once all this has been done and everything has been checked out, then you should have the correct fitting shoe for your child.

What type of shoes should I choose for my child?

Picking the perfect shoe for your child can be a bit of a task, but, if you follow the steps from here and pick the correct brand, then you’ll have no problems at all.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we offer great style choices for kids and also have 3 different width options to perfectly fit your child’s feet. Lelli Kelly shoes are perfect for in the classroom and in the playground as they are both unique and durable, putting up with whatever your child puts them through.

Lelli Kelly School Shoes

Black girls school shoes

School shoes are one of Lelli Kelly’s specialties - they have a large selection with multiple colour choices depending on your child’s school regulations, from standard black to navy and brown.

As your child will be wearing school shoes for the most part of the week, they need to be comfortable. Shopping through Lelli Kelly allows you to choose from 3 different widths - E fitting which is for narrow feet, F is a standard fit and G is for a wider foot fitting.

Lelli Kelly Sandals

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Lelli Kelly offers an array of choices when it comes to sandals, from sliders to your typical strapped sandal. The sandals are branded and come in a varied colour chain with different patterns too, such as unicorns or rainbows.

Lelli Kelly Trainers

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Lelli Kelly trainers combine sport and style along with comfort. There is a wide array of choices as Lelli Kelly trainers come in multiple colours - you can choose black or white for using as a school PE shoe or go for bold and brightly coloured for those great days out.

There are a range of styles available for all ages, from velcro to lace up and even shoes that light up!