How to Clean Lelli Kelly Shoes and Boots

The hand-made embroidery and decorations sewn into your Lelli Kelly shoes make them unique, enticing and appealing to children. Lelli Kelly shoes and boots are one of a kind and utilise sparkles, glitter, beading and shimmer effects to create a beautiful range of footwear you can’t get anywhere else.

In order to keep them looking as good as new, we recommend that you take great care when cleaning them. In our guide, we’ll tell you what's best to use and what to avoid to ensure that those shoes still shine!

What to avoid when cleaning Lelli Kelly shoes

You should avoid using anything abrasive on your Lelli Kelly shoes. This includes:

  • Hard brushes
  • Any shoe cleaner with wire bristles
  • Harsh chemicals that could strip glue or colour

Due to the delicate nature of the embellishments on Lelli Kelly shoes, you’ll need a gentle hand when cleaning them to avoid damaging or removing decor entirely.

How to clean Lelli Kelly shoes

Cleaning your Lelli Kelly shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. If you pay attention to the style of shoe you are cleaning in the first instance, future protection should be relatively straightforward. 

Cleaning Lelli Kelly Patent Leather School Shoes

Patent leather school shoes, like these for example:

Black gloss leather shoes

With patent leather, we’d advise you to carefully clean the shoes with a damp cloth and warm water mixed with a neutral soap. They should wipe clean easily without any damage.

If you need to repair scuffs or dullness in patent leather school shoes, we’d recommend using a dedicated leather shoe polisher that can gently shine your shoes and mask any scuffs.

Cleaning Lelli Kelly Canvas Shoes

Lelli Kelly canvas shoes can be a little tricker to clean due to their intricate beading and sequins, such as these beautiful examples:

Pink canvas shoes with decorations on front

If you want to machine wash your canvas shoes, we would advise you to remove the leather insoles to avoid shrinkage and pop them on a low temperature wash (cool wash - ideally 30°) with a gentle detergent. Leave them to air dry naturally.

Top Tip

Put your canvas shoes in two pillow cases (one for each shoe) to protect the embellishments! This will keep them enclosed and rescue the risk of them catching on the inside of your washing machine.


You may wish to purchase a waterproof shoe spray or protector for your canvas shoes. This way, you can help to prevent the shoes from staining as the coating will repel water and dirt away from the canvas.

You can use these techniques on other Lelli Kelly shoes as well, such as sandals, pumps, slippers and trainers.

Cleaning Lelli Kelly Boots

Depending on the type of boots your little one has, you may be able to wash these using the above methods. Patent leather boots and embellished baseball boots can be machine washed and we’d again recommend the low heat, pillowcase method.

Some of our more sparkly range, such as these boots:

Black ankle boots with green butterfly on side

… may require extra attention.
With boots that have detachable embellishments (such as our cute unicorn attachment or stunning butterfly wings!), you may wish to remove these when washing if they are clean enough. It may be better to hand wash these embellishments in warm water should they become dirty.

Our diamanté encrusted boots are also machine washable; but again, take good care when putting them on a wash cycle.

Top Tip
Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently scrub around the diamantés, removing any dirt that may be lodged in them. This way, you may be able to wipe clean the rest of the boots and be good to go without machine washing!

Lelli Kelly shoes are designed to be long lasting and durable, as well as playful, comfortable and exciting. If you follow our recommendations and take good care of your Lelli Kelly’s, they should last your little one a long time.

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Decorations and applications on Lelli Kelly footwear are often handmade. In case of improper use, the application may come off. For your child’s safety, please make sure these are not inhaled or swallowed.