The Most Durable School Shoes: Which to Buy | Lelli Kelly Shop

The Most Durable School Shoes: Which to Buy | Lelli Kelly Shop

Choosing the right school shoes for your kids can be tricky, especially with the unpredictable Great British weather.

However, at Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of school shoes that are ideal for different term times.

What styles of school shoes are there?

There are a huge variety of different school shoes available, and at Lelli Kelly, we have an abundance of styles available that are suitable for every child’s wants and needs.

Some of the most popular style of school shoes include:

Which school shoe materials are the most durable?

School shoes come in a variety of different materials, but choosing the right one can be tricky.


Leather is an extremely durable material which is why it is used so commonly on school shoes. Leather shoes are also breathable and long-lasting, making them ideal for wearing all year round. Whether your kids are walking to school, or playing on the playground at lunch, leather shoes will keep their feet protected and comfortable.


We recommend our Frankie SNR Grey Patent School Shoes for great protection and comfort all day long. The padded leather lining provides extra comfort, while the chunky sole unit prevents any slips or trips.


Canvas school shoes are great for the spring and summer terms, thanks to their breathable and comfortable design. Canvas shoes also tend to be machine washable, making them great for outdoor PE lessons.


Our Black Lily Canvas School Pumps are the perfect canvas school shoes, thanks to the easy adjustable velcro straps and padded heels.


Just like leather, patent shoes are long lasting, comfortable and durable. Patent leather also has a high shine leather finish, making them super easy to clean.


Our Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boots are a great pair of patent boots for autumn and winter thanks to the waterproof nature of patent leather. The zip fastening makes them super easy to take on and off too, which is ideal when worn out in wet conditions.

Should you buy different school shoes for different seasons?

Ideally, your kids should have a pair of shoes suitable for autumn and winter, and another for spring and summer.

During autumn and winter, you should be looking at purchasing a pair of boots or shoes that fully protect their feet and can be worn with a thick pair of socks if necessary. The weather can change drastically, so it’s a good idea to have a pair of shoes or boots that are waterproof too.

During Spring and Summer, as the weather starts to heat up, it’s a good idea to have a different type of school shoe, like a patent T-bar or velcro. Look for a durable pair which keeps your kids feet protected and comfortable throughout the long summer days.

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