The Best Velcro School Shoes

The Best Velcro School Shoes

Velcro shoes are a great choice for young kids at school. They’re easy to take off and ideal for a variety of different foot sizes and widths.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of velcro school shoes to choose from which are ideal for the new school season.

Are velcro school shoes good for kids?

Velcro school shoes are a great choice for kids since they’re adjustable and extremely easy for your kids to take off/put on themselves.

From kids with narrow feet to those with wider ones, velcro shoes are a great option for those who don’t really fit into the traditional shape of shoe, and instead need something that will provide security whilst still being comfortable.

Are velcro school shoes comfortable to wear?

As long as they are made with the correct materials, such as leather or patent, velcro shoes can be extremely comfortable to wear as well as being durable too.

When fastened and worn correctly, velcro shoes can offer comfort and support with every step your child takes. They are also great for kids who are particularly active at school since they provide a sturdy and secured fit, which will prevent any blisters forming over time.

They can also be easily cleaned, using our guide to cleaning hook and loop shoes for guidance!

Best velcro school shoes


The Maisie Black Bow Patent School Shoes will have your kids dressing in style, whilst still being extremely comfortable. The thick velcro fastenings make them ideal for active kids who love to run and play, since they provide an extra level of security and stability.

These shoes also feature a chunkier sole unit which helps to add extra comfort, support and prevent slips and trips by keeping your kids stable as they walk and run.


Our Lauren Black Patent Adjustable School Shoes are a full coverage patent school shoe that feature an adjustable velcro strap that can be adjusted for any foot width.

The padded leather lining helps to provide extra comfort on top of the secure fit from the velcro straps. Having a pair of shoes like these will not only help to ensure your kids have the perfect fit, but it also prevents them from developing blisters.


The Black Patent Colourissima F Fitting School Shoes are a patent leather pair of velcro shoes that come with 3 interchangeable velcro straps decorated with a choice of embroidery or plain black ones. Not only do these shoes provide great comfort, but they are also ideal for the fashionable little girls who like to change up their shoes.

These shoes also feature our classic Lelli Kelly soft leather lining to ensure your kids feet stay comfortable and supported all day.


The Irene SNR Black Patent School Shoes will have your kids dressed in style for school while still being comfortable and practical. These shoes come with a large adjustable strap across the top of the shoe, which adds to the full foot coverage design.

The shoes have a chunky sole unit with white stitching, which helps to provide all the comfort and support your child needs as well as adding a stylish finish.


Our Black Patent Lily School Pumps are great for the sportier girls who need additional security and comfort in their shoes. The double velcro straps ensure these shoes stay securely on your kids feet, and helps to prevent them slipping off while they’re running around or playing.

For extra comfort and support they also have a padded heel counter and are lined with soft leather.

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