The Best School Trainers for PE

The Best School Trainers for PE

As with everyday school shoes, it is important that you get the correct style of trainers for PE. It’s important your kids' feet are secure, comfortable and protected while they’re out being active.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of kids trainers to choose from, ideal for PE lessons.

What trainers should kids wear for PE?

The best trainers for PE are those that allow the foot to move freely while also providing plenty of support and stability. You should also look for a pair which are suitable for a range of different sports, from running to football to netball.

Make sure the trainers you buy for your kids align with the school's dress code. There may be guidelines on what colours are acceptable, such as white or black, as well as restrictions on certain fastenings.

What is the most comfortable style of trainers for kids?

Some of the most comfortable styles of trainers for kids include:

  • Plimsolls

  • Chunky trainers

  • Velcro trainers

  • Lace-up trainers

  • Running trainers

How to get the right trainer size for your child

By following the step by step guide below, you’ll be able to quickly find the right trainer size for your child.

  • Length - Feel at the top of each trainer for the end of your child's longest toe. Apply gentle pressure to check their toe isn’t pressing against the end of the trainer. You should be able to feel a gap of around 1 cm.

  • Width - Feel along each side of the shoe with your hand. You shouldn’t be able to feel any pressure or bulging, and the widest part of the foot should be at the widest part of the trainer.

  • Depth - Rub your foot across the top of the trainer. If there is no movement at all in the trainer, they will likely be too tight. If you can push right down on the trainer and it creates a dip, they are likely too wide.

  • Walking - Ask your child to walk about in the trainers. They should be able to walk easily and comfortably. The trainers should not slip off at the heel and there shouldn’t be any excessive gaping on either side of the foot.

Best school PE trainers for kids


Our Black Lily Canvas School Pumps are a classic pair of childrens PE plimsolls that provide all the support and stability your kids will need, while still meeting the uniform guidelines of most schools.

They feature double hook and loop fastenings which is ideal for kids who have either narrow or wide feet as the sizing can easily be adjusted. For extra comfort, these canvas plimsolls also feature padded heels. They also come in a white style too.



The Glenda Rosa Shimmer Adjustable Trainer Shoes are a sporty style of trainer that are super lightweight and breathable thanks to the mesh design.

The elasticated laces and velcro strap make for a perfect fit, meaning you can be assured these trainers will be secured on your kids feet throughout the whole of their PE lessons. These trainers also come in black for those who have to adhere to a dress code.



Our Colorissima Argento/Rosa Dolly Trainer Shoes are another great choice for PE lessons thanks to the sporty design and raised outer soles which provide all the comfort and support your kids need.

Like our other trainers, these ones feature a hook and loop fastening to help keep them secured on your kids feet while they’re running around. They also feature a pull tab on the back of the heel to help your kids easily put them on themselves.

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