Winter School Shoes: Should you Buy Another Pair?

Winter School Shoes: Should you Buy Another Pair?

If you’re a parent, you may be wondering how often to replace your kids' old school shoes. As it approaches the colder months, it’s important that your kids have a pair of school shoes that will keep their feet warm and dry.

Read on for everything there is to know about buying kids school shoes, and when you should replace them.

How often should you buy new school shoes?

How often you buy your children new school shoes will solely depend on the state and condition of the shoes. If you know your kids will wear their shoes down in no time, you should be buying new ones ideally every 6-8 months.

If they look in good condition, don’t hurt your kids feet and they still fit, you could get away with not needing to buy a new pair until later on in the year.

However, if the shoe is damaged, uncomfortable or causing skin irritations, you should replace them immediately.

Is October half term a good time to buy new school shoes?

Yes, October half term is a good time to buy new school shoes as you may be able to find some sales from the Summer season, or newer season discount codes.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we try to keep out prices affordable all year round without compromising on quality.

If you’re looking to buy new school shoes this October half term, be sure to correctly check your kids foot size before choosing a pair, and check the width too.

How long should a pair of school shoes last?

A pair of school shoes should last for approximately 6 months of wear during school hours.

This is just a rule of thumb, however, they may last longer or shorter periods of time depending on how well they are taken care of.

Do school shoes get ruined in the snow?

Kid wearing bright red boots stood in the snow

Snow, and other wet weather conditions, will damage the uppers of school shoes, as well as the leather soles.

As the snow builds up on the shoe, the fabric will get wet which will cause the leather or patent to wear down.

Snow can also leave salt stains and water marks on the material, which may be hard to get off if they are not cleaned up quickly.

Should my children be changing their school shoes throughout the day?

When the weather starts to get cold, with rain or potentially snow, it’s a good idea to send your child to school with two pairs of shoes.

We recommend wearing wellies, like our Rosa Pink Wellies, or waterproof boots for the journey to and from school if they walk, and having a pair of regular school shoes to change into when they’re in the classroom.

If your kids don’t walk to school, it’s still a good idea to send them to school with a pair of wellies for break and dinner time.

What are the best types of school shoes for cold weather?

There are a few different qualities to look for when choosing which school shoes to get your kids for the cold weather.

We’ve created a handy guide below to help you choose.


The cold weather doesn’t mean it will stay dry - there may also be snow, rain and ice. Due to this, the school shoes you choose for your kids should ideally repel water.

Generally, leather, patent leather, vinyls and synthetic nylon fibres will do a good job at keeping your kids feet dry.

Thick soles

Keeping your kids feet raised slightly off the ground is a good way to make sure their feet stay warm and dry.

Look for shoes which have a thick sole on the bottom. It will protect their feet from getting too wet if they splash in puddles and will help to give them more traction on snow and ice.

Correctly fitted

You may feel tempted to buy shoes which are slightly bigger than necessary in order to save a bit of money, but this may cause some risks.

A shoe which is too wide can result in your children being able to feel the cold more in their feet, and a shoe which is too tight could cause blisters and frostbite.

Best school shoes for the Winter

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of school shoes which will keep your kids feet dry and warm this autumn.

Helen Black Bow Patent School Shoes

All black school shoes with black bow as strap

Our Helen Black Bow Patent School Shoes are ideal for cold and wet days due to the patent leather finish, and raised sole.

The leather lining inside will also keep your kids feet cosy all day, meaning they can enjoy their school day without being bothered by uncomfortable, wet shoes.

Marta Lace Up School Shoes

Black Patent Lace Up School Shoes with jewel dog on laces

The Marta Black Patent Lace Up School Shoe is perfect for those who prefer an enclosed style. The patent finish means rain and snow is repelled off the shoes, and the padded leather lining provides all day comfort and warmth.

The chunky sole also provides height off the wet ground.

Nicole Black Patent School Shoes

Black school shoes with Velcro strap

Lelli Kelly Nicole school shoes come in a patent leather finish with punchole details across each shoe.

The adjustable hook and loop fastening ensures a good fit, meaning your kids feet will be warm on those cold school days.

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