When Should you Buy School Shoes for Winter?

When Should you Buy School Shoes for Winter?

If you’re a parent, you may be wondering when the best time to buy your kids winter school shoes is. As the colder months approach us, it’s important that your kids have a pair of school shoes that will keep their feet warm and dry.

In this guide, we’ll discuss when you should be buying new school shoes, as well as our top winter school shoe recommendations.

Do kids need a different style of school shoe in the winter?

Although having a good pair of school shoes to last your kids throughout the whole year may seem like a good idea, if they’re not the right style, your kids feet may be exposed to the harsh winter weather. It's a good idea to look for a different pair of shoes or boots that provide full foot coverage in order to protect against weather such as snow, rain, hail and freezing temperatures. 

Kids' feet can very easily be damaged, and this damage can be substantial if they are affected by winter weather.

When is the best time to buy new school shoes?


Summer can be a great time to either buy last year's products at a discounted price or look out for the new season styles. Generally speaking, July is a great time to buy a good pair of discounted shoes before new styles come in stock.

However, be wary of buying too early as you don’t want to find your kids' feet have grown before the new school term has even started.

Back to school season

In general, the best time to buy your kids a new pair of school shoes is towards the end of August and the beginning of September, so back to school. This will give you the best chance of buying a pair that you kids won’t outgrow too quickly. 

During this time, you still have a great chance of catching the end of the summer sales, as well as seeing what new styles are on the market.

Before winter

As winter approaches, it’s a good idea to look at buying a hard-wearing pair of boots or full coverage shoes that will protect your kids feet. October is a great time to start looking for winter school shoes as shops will begin to have their new season products out.

The UK weather can be extremely unpredictable, which is why getting chunkier school shoes or boots is important for protecting your kids feet.

The new year

Once the cold weather has passed, the new year is a good time to buy a pair of spring appropriate school shoes. Again, this is likely the time of year when brands are coming out with their spring collections.

Similar to if you’re shopping in July, be careful when you’re buying school shoes early on as you may find that your kids feet will have grown since you bought them.

How often should you be buying school shoes?

How often you buy your kids new school shoes will depend on how old they are and how much wear they get out of their shoes.

Children aged 4-8 are likely to be spending more time on their feet, which can result in their shoes suffering from some wear and tear. Their feet won’t be growing as much compared to when they were younger, but they still need new shoes 2-3 times a year.

As your children reach their teenage years, the growth rate of their feet will slow down. Children aged 9-12 will likely need their shoes replaced at least once or twice a year.

Best school shoes and boots for the colder season

Best winter school shoes


Our Lauren Black Patent Adjustable School Shoes come in a full foot coverage design, with adjustable fastenings that sit on the top of the shoes. The patent leather finish helps to keep feet warm, whilst still being protected against harsh weather conditions like rain and hail. 

Padded leather lining provides all the extra comfort you’d expect from Lelli Kelly shoes, while the chunky sole helps to add additional support and protection from slips and trips.


Another great full coverage school shoe is the Irene SNR Black Patent School Shoes. These shoes are bang on trend for the autumn winter season thanks to the shiny, easy to clean patent finish and large removable material bow that sits on the adjustable strap. 

These shoes have a chunkier sole which helps to keep your kids feet lifted off the ground and protected from snow, rain, ice, puddles and other winter weather. They also feature padded leather lining for additional warmth and comfort.


Our Scarlet Black Patent Lace Up School Shoes is another great full closed shoe that has the pattern and style of a brogue but with increased support thanks to the chunkier design. These shoes feature lace fastenings, making them ideal for wearing with thick socks as they can be loosened and tightened when necessary. 

They also have a chunkier sole unit making the shoes much more robust and tolerant to winter weather. Again, these shoes feature out classic Lelli Kelly padded leather lining for added comfort.

Best winter school boots


Our Rachele Black Chunky Sole Longer Length Ankle Boots are a great waterproof boot that will protect your kids feet throughout the cold winter months. These shoes come in a matte leather finish, making them incredibly easy to clean and resistant to rain and snow. 

They feature a gusset running down the side of each boot, meaning they can easily be worn with thick socks, as well as a side zip fastening making them incredibly easy to put on and take off.

Our Manuela Mid Black Patent Side Zip Ankle Boots are a mid ankle boot that come in a protective patent leather finish for protection against winter weather.

These stylish boots come with a removable strap which features a diamante heart. Side zip fastenings allow for easy removal and layer of sock, while the black sole unit completes the look and ensures feet are protected.

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