Understanding Kids Shoes for Different Seasons

Understanding Kids Shoes for Different Seasons

As the seasons change, your kids' shoes should as well. However, knowing what shoes to get your kids to keep their feet comfortable through the seasons can be tricky.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a wide range of shoes and boots that are perfect for every season.

How often should you buy new shoes for kids?

How often you buy new shoes for your kids will depend on how old they are, and how much they wear their shoes.

Generally speaking, children under 3 years old will need new shoes around three to four times a year. This is because their feet grow the fastest during their first three years.

Children ages 4-8 are likely to be spending more time on their feet, resulting in their shoes suffering from some wear and tear. Their feet won't be growing as much, but they will still need new shoes 2-3 times a year.

As your kids reach their teenage years, the growth rate of their feet will slow down. Children aged 9-12 will need their shoes replaced at least 1-2 times a year.

Which season is the best time to buy new kids shoes?

The best time to buy new shoes for your kids will depend on what you are buying them for.

For example, if you’re looking to buy school shoes, you should look at buying a pair mid to late summer. This way you can take advantage of any back to school deals, or potentially find some in the summer sales.

Our complete guide to buying school shoes may help you further.

The same goes for any type of footwear really, you could start shopping early for next year by browsing the end of season sales or check out the new season collections as and when they arrive online and in stores.

What to consider when buying seasonal shoes for children


When you’re buying new winter shoes or boots for your children, it's a good idea to have their feet properly measured.

Childrens feet are easily damaged, and this damage can be substantial if they are affected by the cold because their shoes are too tight or loose.

Make sure their winter footwear has enough room for thick socks or tucked in trousers. This will ensure their feet don’t get cold or wet. Consider the height of the footwear too, since boots like wide ankle boots can allow rain and snow to enter the boot.


Spring can be an awkward time to buy footwear due to the unpredictable weather that can change on a daily basis.

Generally speaking, you should look at buying a pair of boots, like wellies, which have a rubber sole. On cold rainy days, these boots are ideal for keeping their feet warm and dry.

As the weather starts to warm up, you could purchase a pair of baseball boots or trainers that will still provide them with a bit of warmth, whilst also being comfortable enough for them to play outside in.


When the summer holidays hit and the weather starts to heat up, you can expect your kids to be outside playing for hours on end.

You should be looking for shoes which are breathable in order to avoid any heat or moisture being trapped. Synthetic materials can make feet hot, resulting in blisters and sores on your kids feet. Try looking for shoes which have moisture wicking soles.

As they’re likely to be on their feet all day, it’s a good idea to look for shoes which will add a layer of protection and comfort between their feet and the ground.


Like spring, autumn can be tricky to shop for since the weather changes so frequently.

You should be looking for a pair of transitional shoes like trainers, as well as a pair of warm boots that they can wear as the weather begins to cool down.

The best kids shoes for Winter


Our Rachele Black Chunky Sole Longer Length Ankle Boots are the perfect dressier boots for a cold winter day.

The chunky sole is perfect for keeping your kids feet lifted off the ground and the elasticated side panel is ideal for keeping their legs warm and dry through the winter months.


For those extra cold days, our Marylin Nero Vernice Unicorn Tall Riding Boots are ideal for keeping their feet and legs warm.

These boots come in a patent leather upper, meaning your kids feet will stay dry if the weather does change. They also feature a super cute removable and decorative strap which sits around the base of the boot.

The best kids shoes for Spring


Wellies are a must have for spring, especially with the frequent change in weather. The Pink Unicorn Stars Wellies are the perfect addition to any outfit on a rainy spring day.

These wellies make any day magical thanks to the cute pink unicorn design and chunky soles.


Bring pastel spring colours back to their spring wardrobe with the Unicorn Mid Fantasia Multi Side Zip Boots. These boots come in a pastel multicoloured canvas, embellished with beads and pearls that will brighten up any wardrobe.

The best kids shoes for Summer


No matter if you’re heading abroad or planning a staycation in the UK, ourPink Fantasy Honey Unicorn Sandals are the perfect summer sandal.

These sandals feature a fully adjustable, embroidered ankle strap and are lined with a leather footbed, ensuring their feet are kept comfortable all summer long.


Alternatively, the Brite White Rainbow Diamante Adjustable Strap Sandals are a great choice if you’re looking for a dressier, yet still comfortable summer sandal.

These sandals feature adjustable straps on the ankles and toes, and come with a padded leather footbed for maximum comfort.

The best kids shoes for Autumn


As the weather begins to cool down, you may want to start looking at boots like the Ruth Nude Vernice Patent Ankle Boot.

The Ruth boots are a great transitional boot, thanks to the short ankle design and patent finish that will protect their feet if the weather changes unexpectedly.


Although the weather may be changing, your kids may still be playing outside before the cold months of winter hit. A great shoe that will keep your kids and their feet happy is the Colorissima Rosa Pink Shimmer Unicorn Adjustable Shoes.

The double strap fastening allows for easy on/off, and they’re ideal for any foot width. They also feature a heightened outer sole that will keep their feet cushioned and protected.

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