Understanding Childrens Foot and Shoe Width

Understanding Childrens Foot and Shoe Width

Fitting children’s shoes and understanding what width to get can be difficult. Whilst our kids grow, so do their feet and they continuously change in both width and length.

It can be particularly challenging to get the right shoes, especially if your kids have particularly narrow or wide feet. It's important you get the best shoes for them in order to promote healthy foot development and to avoid foot problems that could have long term effects.

Luckily, at Lelli Kelly Shop, we can help provide the best fitting shoes for your kids no matter their foot shape.

What is a normal foot width for toddlers and children?

When babies are first born, the bones in their feet are only just beginning to grow. As children grow, their feet will change a lot, meaning foot size and width can vary a lot between different children.

There is no normal foot width for toddlers and children because their feet grow and change so much in the early years of their life.

Children’s feet will not actually be developed until the ages 13-15 for girls and 15-18 for boys.

Do Lelli Kelly shoes come in different width sizes?

Whilst most of our shoes at Lelli Kelly Shop come in one standard width, we do have some styles which are specifically suited for more narrow or more wide feet.

Our foot width sizes include:

  • - E for narrow feet
  • - F for standard feet
  • - G for wide feet

When purchasing different styles, the shoe will usually have E, F or G in the product name. We recommend our styles with a strap closure, as they can be effectively loosened to fit wider feet, and tightened for narrower feet.

Choosing children’s shoes for wide feet

For children with wider feet, you should look for shoes which have adjustable fastenings and durable soles to provide a comfortable and supportive fit. Natural leather shoes are a great choice as they will mould to the shape of the foot.

Black children's trainers with double adjustable fastening

The Colourissima Nero Vernice Interchangeable Trainers are a great option for wider feet as they have a double adjustable fastening, making them ideal for loosening if needed.

Choosing children’s shoes for narrow feet

When choosing shoes for children with narrow feet, it's important that the shoes hug the foot comfortably. Staples that feature a “hook and loop” closure are a great option as it allows for full adjustability.

Pink fantasy children's canvas shoes with butterfly pattern

The hook and loop design of the Geranium Fantasy Butterfly Dolly Shoes are ideal for narrow feet as the velcro fastening can be tightened to keep the shoe tight around the foot.

Why does children’s shoe width matter?

Choosing the right shoe for your children is key to their foot health, which is particularly important as their feet may still be growing.

Shoes that are too narrow can cause sores, bunions and cramps. If they are too tight, it can also increase the chance of sweating, which can lead to bacterial infections.

Shoes that are too wide won’t secure your children's feet - this can cause friction when walking, which can lead to sores and blisters too. Wide shoes can also lead to hammer toe and nail issues.

How can I measure my children’s foot width?

Follow these steps to measure your child's foot width:

    1. Wrap a fabric tape measure around the widest part of your child's bare foot

    1. Tell them to place their foot on the ground as if they were standing normally

    1. Mark the width of their foot in millimetres

  1. Use this measurement to determine what size shoe they need
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