The Different Types of Trainers for Kids

The Different Types of Trainers for Kids

There are a huge amount of trainers on the market for kids today and choosing the right pair of trainers can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure what type of trainers your kids actually need.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great variety of different trainers that we know the little girls in your life will love.

What trainers are popular with kids in 2024?

Fashion trends for kids can come and go just as quickly as they do for us adults, and trainers are no exception. Although 2024 has only just started, there are some clear trends when it comes to kids trainers.

Some of the most popular styles of trainers we can expect to see in 2024 include:

  • Sporty trainers

  • Baseball boots

  • Fashion trainers

  • Plimsolls and pumps

  • Embellished trainers

Do kids need different pairs of trainers for different occasions?

Ideally, your kids should have at least two pairs of trainers that they can switch between for specific occasions. Although they don’t necessarily need more than one pair, it’s a good idea to have a few to switch between.

For example, if your child is really active and loves playing outside, it’s a good idea to have a pair of trainers they can play in and another pair that they can wear for occasions such as meals, day trips and so on.

Types of trainers for kids

Baseball boots

Baseball boots, or hi-top trainers, are great for daily wear when your kids aren’t going to be getting mucky playing outside. They make the perfect addition to any casual outfit and can even be dressed up for parties too.

Our Fantasia Lilla Unicorn Mid Side Zip Baseball Boots are an enchanting pair of trainers that are decorated with large beaded unicorns on the outer side and front of the boots. They also featured scattered pearlescent sequins around the unicorns adding the extra detail you’d expect from Lelli Kelly.

These boots have lace fastenings and can also be quickly fastened with a side zip on the insides of the boots. They also feature moisture wicking insoles to help keep little feet fresh all day long.

Velcro trainers

Velcro trainers are great for kids who aren't quite at the stage of tying their own laces yet but still want the independence to put their own shoes on.

The Light Up Colorissima Rosa Dolly Trainer Shoes are the perfect velcro trainer that combine both practicality and style. These Colorissima trainers come with pink shimmer uppers, a complementing pink trim and flashing lights on the outers that light up with every step.

These trainers have four strap options to choose from, meaning your kids can style them exactly how they want. All the straps are removable and your kids can decorate them with the washable felt tips provided.

Embellished trainers

Just like baseball boots, embellished trainers are ideal for wearing on casual or dressy occasions, and they make a great change for kids who live in their sporty, outdoor trainers.

Our Gioiello White Multi Rainbow Bracelet Trainers are the new season must have. These trainers come in white uppers, decorated with a cluster of rhinestones on the outer, blue glitter on the trim and a clip-on rainbow charm bracelet. These trainers also feature elasticated laces and velcro fastenings for easy on/off.

Sports trainers

There's no doubt that your kids will need a pair of sporty trainers that they can wear outside and play in.



Our Glenda Rosa Shimmer Adjustable Trainer Shoes are a super lightweight pair of trainers that are perfect for active kids. The Glenda trainers come in pink shimmering uppers and elastic laces with an adjustable velcro strap for easy on/off.

The mesh outer designs make them ideal for wearing during sports and playing outside, and the thick white sole unit helps to keep stability and prevent any slips or trips.


Plimsolls are the ideal style of trainer for PE and our Lelli Kelly plimsolls are perfect for the little girls who don’t like plain, traditional school pumps.

Our Black Lily Canvas School Pumps are designed with double hook and loop fastenings for ease of wearing, no matter whether your kids wear them at school or at home. The upper strap comes embroidered with Lelli Kelly branding and a black bow sits on the outer side of each shoe. For extra comfort, these plimsolls come with a padded heel counter.

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