Types of Canvas Footwear for Kids

Types of Canvas Footwear for Kids

Canvas shoes are a great option to have in your kids Spring and Summer wardrobe, and at Lelli Kelly Shop we have a wide range of different canvas shoes to choose from.

What are canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes are a basic casual shoe, simply constructed with canvas uppers and usually rubber soles. They are the perfect low maintenance shoe that can quickly be put on and taken off.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of canvas shoes, with a wide range of different colours and designs that are perfect for the upcoming warmer months.

Are canvas shoes good for toddlers?

Canvas shoes are great for toddlers since it is a breathable, yet supportive material. Since canvas is a natural material, not synthetic, shoes made from it allow your toddlers feet to breathe and prevent the chance of sores or blisters on their feet.

Canvas is also extremely lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for young children to move around. The rubber soles that usually come on canvas shoes are flexible, encouraging more natural movement.

Should kids wear canvas shoes?

Yes, if you’re looking for a good pair of shoes for your kids this Spring and Summer, look for canvas shoes.

Canvas is extremely versatile and easy to clean thanks to the nature and style of canvas shoes. They also retain their shape extremely well, since the fabric doesn’t stretch easily.

We also have a guide on how to clean canvas shoes to help you take good care of them.

Best types of canvas shoes for kids

Velcro canvas shoes

Our White Fantasy Mary D Dolly Shoes are a super cute canvas shoe which are covered with unicorn embellishments across the shoe. These shoes come with an adjustable hook and loop fastening, making them extra supportive and secure on your kids feet compared to traditional slip on canvas designs.

They also feature moisture wicking insoles which help to keep feet fresh in the heat, whilst also providing extra comfort.


The Purple Glitter Ava Adjustable Shoes are full coverage shoes, with double hook and loop fastenings for a secure and adjustable fit. The Ava’s also feature moisture wicking insoles for all day comfort and freshness.

These canvas shoes are fully embellished with purple sequences and they are also decorated with a series of beaded hearts around the outside of the shoe. The rubber sole provides a supportive fit, while still allowing for flexibility when walking and running.

Lace canvas shoes


Our Unicorn Low Multi Coloured Fantasy Lace Up Shoes are multi-coloured lace up shoes that come decorated with rainbow unicorns. This canvas shoe provides support and comfort through the secure lace fastenings that feature cute blue glitter butterflies.

The soles on these canvas shoes are also thick, keeping your kids feet lifted and protected from the ground. The flexible nature of the soles also allow for easy movement and encourage natural walking patterns.


The Sirenetta Low Celeste Mermaid Canvas Slip On Shoes provides double the comfort and security thanks to the hook and loop fastenings and lace-up design, keeping your kids feet protected as they play.

These blue canvas shoes feature beaded mermaids and a starfish that sit amongst smaller sequins, making them perfect for the Spring and Summer holidays. Again, as can be expected with Lelli Kelly shoes, they also feature moisture wicking insoles.
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