The Different Types of Boots for Kids

The Different Types of Boots for Kids

With the winter season now upon us, it’s important that your kids are kept warm and protected.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of different boots available online that will keep your kids feet both warm and stylish.

Are boots good for kids’ feet?

As long as they provide sufficient support, and are neither too tight or too loose, boots are perfectly fine for your kids to wear. In fact, boots have become an essential outdoor item that parents buy for their kids of all ages.

Not only can boots help to keep your kids feet warm, they are also durable and great at protecting and providing support for ankles.

Are boots good for toddlers?

Again, as long as the boots you buy for your kids provide enough support and comfort for your toddler, they can be great to wear. Whilst you shouldn’t rely heavily on putting your toddlers in boots over the winter months, they are great for little ones who have started walking and need something to protect their feet and ankles.

What makes a good pair of boots?

When you’re buying a pair of boots for your kids, think about where you live and the type of weather you’d expect to see. For example, if it rains a lot where you live, look for a pair of waterproof or water resistant boots. These will help to keep your kids feet dry and protected, and prevent their feet from becoming damaged and hurt from becoming wet.

It's also important to look for boots that provide plenty of support. Look for boots which have thick soles and have some sort of grip to them. This will help to provide stability while your kids are walking, whether that's on muddy ground or icy patches.

Warmth is also something extremely important when it comes to choosing the right pair of boots. You should ideally be looking for a pair which are fleece lined to help trap the warmth inside.

Best types of boots for kids


Wellies are one of the best types of winter boots for your kids to wear as they are great for all year round wear. They are usually made of rubber materials to keep water out, however, they aren’t often lined which means they should always be paired with a cosy pair of socks to keep feet warm.


The Unicorn Pink Rainboot Toggle Top Wellies are great for rainy days thanks to the rubber outers and drawstring toggle at the top of the boot. They also come with inner fleece lining to help keep legs and ankles warm.

Knee boots

Knee boots are ideal for the autumn and winter months thanks to their warm design. They are usually made with insulated interiors and a mixture of different exterior fabrics from suede, to leather to rubber. Knee boots are also great for tucking jeans or other trousers into, keeping your kids legs nice and toasty warm.


Our Susan Black Vernice/Laminato Over the Knee Boots are great for the colder months thanks to the black patent finish and ribbed textile uppers. These boots are ideal for wearing with jeans or trousers tucked in, keeping your kids legs warm whilst also keeping their feet dry.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a great everyday style of boot which can be worn on colder days, as well as more mild days too. They come in a variety of different styles including lace up, pull on and zippers.


Our Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot are a great pair of ankle boots that can easily be put on/off by kids themselves thanks to the side gussets and zip fastenings. They have a chunky sole unit making them great for a variety of different surfaces, from snow to rain.

Fur ankle boots

Fur ankle boots are ideal for cold and dry days when the temperature starts to drop. The lining is great for keeping your kids feet warm and the soft exteriors are great to be paired with any kind of outfit.


Our Clara Purple Suede Warm Lined Ankle Boots will keep your kids feet incredibly warm and stylish during the colder months thanks to the fur lined design and soft suede outers.

How to measure up a pair of boots for kids

A good tip to measure a pair of boots for your kids is by measuring your kids feet in the socks that they’ll likely wear with the boots. For example, if you’re looking for a pair of wellies, make sure you are measuring your kids feet when they have a fluffy, thicker pair of socks on.

Follow the steps below to get the most accurate measurement:

  1. Put a piece of paper on the floor, taping it down to make sure it doesn’t move around.

  2. Have your child stand on the paper, with their foot in the centre.

  3. Using a pencil, mark the point of your child's big toe and the back of their heel.

  4. Take your tape measure and measure the distance between the heel and toe markings. You can then use this measurement to find the perfect boot size.

From here, you can use our size guide to determine the right size boot for your kids, and our kids foot width guide for even more specific measuring.

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