The Best Summer Sandals for Kids

The Best Summer Sandals for Kids

With Summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start shopping for your kids' summer wardrobe.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of sandals and summer shoes for you to choose from. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your kids will look stylish and feel comfortable this Summer.

Types of sandals for kids

Sandals are among the most popular choices of footwear during the Summer months. They can be a great way to protect your kids feet, while also providing comfort and support.

Some of the most popular types of sandals for kids include:

  • Sliders

  • Flip flops

  • Gladiator sandals

  • Strappy sandals

  • Closed toe sandals

  • Sports sandals

How do I know what size sandals my child needs?

When you’re buying a pair of sandals for your kids, it’s important you get the right size. In the heat, your kids' feet are more likely to sweat, and potentially swell.

This sweat can cause increased friction between their feet and the sandals, which can be made worse if the sandals are too small or too big. This can result in blisters and sores across their feet.

This is why it’s so important you know how to measure your kids feet in order to get the right sized sandal. At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a handy guide on how to measure toddlers and childrens feet, which you can use in conjunction with our size guide to get the perfect fit.

Are sandals good for kids?

As long as the sandals fit well and provide good foot support, they can be great for kids to wear in the summer.

Since younger children, around 2 years old, need much more support and stability, we would always recommend a closed toe sandal. This type of sandal provides more protection to the toes than an open toe cap, and it is likely to provide much more ankle support too.

Open toe sandals are more suited to older children, as they provide easier movement and the toes get more air flow. When you opt for open toe sandals, be sure to check they provide plenty of stability and support.

How to choose the right sandals for kids

When choosing sandals for your kids, you should be checking for the following:

  • A good lining made from moisture wicking materials to allow feet to breathe.

  • The sole shouldn’t be too rigid. When the sole is stiff, it can be difficult for your kids to walk properly, resulting in stumbles and falls.

  • The back of the sandal should be firm enough, whilst still providing a cushioned fit.

  • The sandals should have enough room for growth. Between the big toe and the inner surface of the sandal, there should be a distance of 15mm which will allow the foot to properly flatten with each step.

The best kids sandals


Our Rosa Glitter Pelle Lara Adjustable Strap Sandals are the perfect addition to your kids summer wardrobe. These sandals come in a pink glitter upper and are fully adjustable thanks to the hook and loop fastening, which are disguised as silver buckles.

These sandals come with a contoured footbed to ensure your kids' feet stay comfortable all day, no matter what they get up to this Summer.


The Brite White Rainbow Diamante Adjustable Strap Sandals are a super cute, yet supportive sandal which make the perfect match to any summer wardrobe.

These sandals come in a white shimmery upper, and are decorated with a multi-coloured gemmed rainbow. They also come with a pink padded leather footbed for additional comfort.


If your kids prefer a slider style of sandal, the Bianco Multi Isabella Adjustable Strap Slider Sandals are a great choice.

These sandals come in a white canvas with multi-coloured decorated overlays and double strap fastenings for a secure fit. The contoured footbed also provides all day comfort, whilst the white sole unit completes the whole look.


For kids who love jelly style sandals, the Strawberry Jenny Jelly Sandals will be their new favourite summer shoe. These sandals come in a cute pink colour, and are decorated with a large 3D jelly flower on the front.

These sandals are super supportive thanks to the triple fixed strap which ascends up the foot to a fixed buckle strap fastening. The jelly footbed is flexible, making these sandals ideal for being out and about all day long.


Our White Fantasy Honey Unicorn Sandals are a great platformed choice that would make an ideal summer evening shoe. These sandals come in a white upper with a large beaded unicorn that sits on the front of the fully adjustable strap.

The ankle strap is fully adjustable, and comes embroidered with our Lelli Kelly logo in pink. They also feature a white leather footbed, ensuring your kids feet are kept comfortable.

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