The Best Kids Shoes for those Rainy Easter Holidays

The Best Kids Shoes for those Rainy Easter Holidays

Whether you’re spending the Easter Holidays at home, or you’re going on a UK staycation, you may be wondering what shoes and boots your kids should wear.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a range of different shoes and boots that are perfect for the unpredictable Spring weather.

How do you know if kids footwear is waterproof?

Most shoes will have some form of indication on the label of whether or not they are waterproof. If they don’t have a label stating this, then don’t worry, waterproof shoes are relatively easy to spot.

They are usually made from a vinyl or rubber material and will either be seamless or have waterproof seams. If the seams are not protected, the product will not be deemed as fully waterproof.

Some materials to look for in the label of the shoe to determine whether they’re waterproof include nylon, polyurethane and neoprene.

What type of footwear is suitable for children in the spring?

In the spring, there a few types of footwear children should have:

  • Rubber boots: On days with rainfall, it's important your kids' feet stay dry and protected. Rubber boots include wellies and ankle boots. On colder days, rubber boots are perfect to wear with a thick pair of socks underneath.

  • Trainers: for dry days, trainers are a great choice. They will keep your kids feet comfortable for long periods of time, and they will look great with most outfits.

  • Waterproof shoes: Your kids won’t typically enjoy being in their boots everyday, so it’s a good idea to find another pair of waterproof shoes, like some trainers.

Best kids shoes for rainy walks


Wellies are always a great choice for rainy walks, and the Pink Unicorn Stars Wellies are no exception.

These cute wellies feature a practical chunky sole and are fur lined for all day comfort and warmth. They also feature starry pink uppers and a unicorn face print on the lower half of the boot.


For more urban walks on rainy days, the Emma Glitter Rosa Ankle Boots are a great choice thanks to the patent glitter finish and sturdy sole unit.

These boots can be popped on/off extremely quickly thanks to the side zip fastening, meaning they can quickly be removed after wet walks. They are also textile lined for long-wearing comfort.

Best kids shoes for cold Spring days


When it’s cold, it’s important your kids' feet stay warm and comfortable all day, which is why the Hilary Nero Pelle Boots are a great pair of boots to have in their wardrobe.

These boots are fully fur lined meaning they’ll keep your kids feet super warm on those colder days. They are also fully leather on the exterior, making them ideal if an unexpected downpour was to occur.


On cold, dry days your kids may be more likely to want to wear trainers than boots. The perfect compromise for this are the Unicorn Mid Multi Fantasia Baseball Boots, which still have a sportier feel but will cover their ankles against harsh wind.

These cute canvas boots come in a multi-coloured canvas and are embellished with beads and unicorns. The pink sole is also embossed with Lelli Kelly wording.

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