The Best Kids Shoes for Christmas Parties

The Best Kids Shoes for Christmas Parties

Deciding what shoes to get your kids this Christmas has never been easier! With a wide range of shoes and boots that are perfect for Christmas parties, at Lelli Kelly Shop, we have the perfect selection of products for you.

Our Christmas party shoes guide runs through our top quality party shoes and boots.

What to consider when buying children party shoes

Unless your child states that their feet are uncomfortable, you may not realise that you aren’t buying the correct party shoes.

When you’re buying party shoes this christmas period, there are a few things you should consider:

  • - How much wear will you child get out of the shoes
  • - If the shoes will fit them again next festive season
  • - What your budget is
  • - If the shoes are comfortable and fit well

You can ensure that you’re getting the correct size shoes by using our handy guide to measuring kids feet!

Types of party shoes for kids

There is a huge variety of different part shoes for kids for you to choose from. Some popular styles include:

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we offer a wide range of styles to perfect for even the pickiest of kids. The best part is, we have products suitable for every kind of budget.

Top picks for kids party shoes this Christmas season

Keep your kids happy this Christmas season with our top party shoes picks:

Lelli Kelly Canvas Party Shoes

Pink Glitter Ava Dolly Shoes

Our Pink Glitter Ava Dolly Shoes are the perfect sparkly shoes for any party this festive season.

The Ava shoes are covered in multi-coloured glitter and embellished with beaded butterflies, meaning your kids will be shining with every step they take.

Silver Glitter Daisy Adjustable Double Strap Shoes

The Silver Glitter Daisy Adjustable Double Strap Shoes make a great addition to any Christmas Day outfit.

With beading on the outside, these silver shoes are sure to get your kids' party ready this Christmas.

Lelli Kelly Party Boots

Ali Di Fata Vernice Rosa Wings Ankle Boots

Our Ali Di Fata Vernice Rosa Wings Ankle Boots will have your kids feeling like real fairies, thanks to the glitter wings on the boots.

These patent pink boots will transport your kids to a magical wonderland, and their feet will be kept comfortable all day thanks to the comfortable inside lining.

Ruth Nude Vernice Patent Ankle Boots

If butterflies are not their thing, why not opt for the Ruth Nude Vernice Patent Ankle Boot.

These super cute boots come in a nude patent colour, which pair perfectly with any fancy Christmas party outfit.

Lelli Kelly Party Baseball Boots

Purple Glitter Tillie Baseball Boots

Keep them dancing all night with the Purple Glitter Tillie Baseball Boots.

The Tillie baseball boots are covered with purple sequins and large gems, which are perfect for any Christmas Party. The sole is also embellished with pink hearts, completing the party look.

Rosa Blue Mermaid Canvas Baseball Boots

Our Rosa Blue Mermaid Canvas Baseball Boots are another great choice, keeping your kids feet comfy whilst they celebrate.

The blue uppers are embellished with a beaded mermaid and pearlescent details, leaving your kids feeling like the ultimate party princess.

Lelli Kelly Flat Party Shoes

Golden Rose Patent Heart Magiche Shoes

The Golden Rose Patent Heart Magiche Shoes will bring the bling to your kids feet this Christmas.

These shoes come in a rose pink upper and feature a large diamante heart on the front of the shoe. They can also be conveniently folded away, making them ideal to take as a second pair of shoes to change into.

Glitter Argento Gaia Flower Dolly Shoes

With our Glitter Argento Gaia Flower Dolly Shoes, they’ll be the party starters this Christmas.

These silver and gold glittery shoes make the perfect addition to any party outfit, and they’ll keep your kids feet comfy all night thanks to the leather insoles.

Lelli Kelly Party Trainers

Mille Stelle White/Fuxia Interchangeable Tutu Trainers

Our Mille Stelle White/Fuxia Interchangeable Tutu Trainers will add a touch of fun to your kids feet this Christmas.

These white trainers feature a contrasting fuschia trim, and a super cute embroidered ballerina on the side which comes with a detachable tutu.

Helene Bianco/Rosa Trainers

The Helene Bianco/Rosa Trainers are a classic pair of Lelli Kelly trainers, but with a glittery twist.

These trainers feature a snow globe effect on the toes, with magical stars and glitter that move when you do!

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