Best School Shoes for Autumn and Winter

Best School Shoes for Autumn and Winter

Choosing the right school shoe can be tricky, especially when you need to consider factors such as the weather.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of school shoes and boots that will keep your kids feet warm and dry as the autumn and winter terms approach.

Should you buy different school shoes for autumn and winter?

As the colder, more unpredictable months approach, it's a good idea to get your kids school shoes that are suitable for autumn and winter.

During spring and summer, you can expect to see your kids outside playing, and so their shoes need to be lightweight, breathable and appropriate for the warmer weather. However, when the weather begins to cool down, it is important that your kids' feet stay warm and protected.

Childrens feet can be easily damaged, and this damage can be substantial if they are affected by the cold and wet weather if their school shoes aren’t appropriate.

What shoe material is best for autumn and winter?

Your kids ankles and feet can be susceptible during autumn and winter to the cold, which is why you should keep a lookout for shoes and boots which are made from materials such as:

  • Leather

  • Patent leather

  • Wool

  • Suede

  • Thinsulate

When should you buy a winter pair of school shoes?

We recommend buying your kids autumn and winter school shoes three to four weeks before putting away their spring and summer shoes. This gives your kids enough time to break them in before they start wearing them everyday.

Shoe stores do become very busy 2-3 weeks before the new school year starts back, so we suggest buying in advance where possible.

Top school shoe picks for the colder months


Our Zoe Button Black Patent School Shoes are the perfect transitional shoe from summer to autumn, thanks to the lifted platform sole that keeps feet firmly lifted off the ground.

These shoes come in a patent leather finish, perfect for wiping clean from any mud or dirt that your kids may stand in. They are also lined with a soft leather, ensuring your kids' feet stay comfortable and warm all day.


Our Faye Black Bow Patent School Shoes are ideal for the autumn and winter months thanks to the full foot coverage design and easy cleaning patent leather finish.

The full foot coverage design means your kids feet will stay dry and warm during the colder months, and thanks to the style, they can even be paired with a thicker pair of socks for extra warmth.


The Black Patent Rochelle School Shoes are also a full coverage shoe, but they fasten with traditional style of laces. The Rochelle shoes also come in a patent leather finish, making them super easy to clean from rain and snow stains.

These shoes come lined with a padded heel counter to provide extra support, as well as textured soles for stability on wet or icy grounds.


Our Frankie Black Patent T-Bar School Shoes are bang on trend for autumn and winter fashion. The Frankie comes in a patent black leather finish and has a T-bar fastening, making it an ideal shoe for the cold but dry months.

The pull loop on the back of the heel makes it super easy to quickly take shoes off, which is ideal if your kids quickly need to change into their wellies. Padded leather lining also provides all the extra comfort you’d expect from Lelli Kelly shoes.


During winter, we suggest investing in a pair of appropriate boots to keep your kids feet protected, such as the Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot. These boots feature an elasticated side gusset, which makes them ideal for pairing with thick socks.

Zip fastenings make these boots super easy to get on/off and the chunky sole unit ensures that your kids feet are firmly lifted off the ground, reducing the chance of their feet getting wet from puddles or snow.

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