The Lelli Kelly Patent School Shoe Range

The Lelli Kelly Patent School Shoe Range

Our Lelli Kelly patent leather shoes have been a favourite amongst kids and parents for over two decades, and it’s easy to see why! Our patent shoes are smart, stylish and best of all, easy to keep clean and maintain.

What are patent school shoes?

Patent school shoes are shoes made from a type of leather that has been treated with a high-gloss coating to create a shiny, durable and reflective surface

The process of glossing the leather makes shoes resistant to scuffs and scratches and also makes them easier to clean

Are patent leather school shoes a good choice for kids?

Patent leather school shoes are a great choice for kids, which is why the style is consistently popular each new school year

Many schools have a strict dress code and will require kids to wear shoes that can be polished. Thankfully, patent leather shoes don’t need to be polished in the same way regular leather shoes need to be. Not only does this make the shoes much easier to maintain, but it also means you don’t need to worry about buying shoe polish!

Lelli Kelly patent school shoes

Our Black Patent Rochelle School Shoes are a classic style of school shoe that is ideal for many different school dress codes. These shoes come in a full foot coverage style and feature velour laces, making them ideal for older girls. 

The Rochelle shoes are lined with a padded heel counter to provide extra comfort and support, while the black sole unit ensures your kids stay looking smart throughout the day. 

Our Tracy Brown Patent School Shoes are great for schools who aren’t strict on the colour of pupils' school shoes. These shoes come in dark brown patent uppers and feature a cute brown patent embellishment on the velcro fastenings. Soft interior leather lining helps to complete the look. They also come in black and navy.

The Colourissima Star Black Patent School Shoes are a simple but cute pair of patent school shoes that feature interchangeable straps that are both practical and easy to change. They also feature a removable white star that can be coloured in with our felt tip pens. 

The shoes are completed with pink leather linings and a black sole unit. 

Our Black Patent Arianna T-Bar School Shoes are a stylish pair of T-bar shoes that feature embroidered patterns on the toes. These shoes come with mixed materials, with patent leather uppers and small suede details. 

The shoes have an easy to use velcro strap with our Lelli Kelly branding embroidered on. Pink leather lining helps to complete the look and the black sole unit helps to keep kids feet firmly on the ground. 

For a classic and sensible patent school shoe, we recommend our Kimberly Black Patent Brogue School Shoes. The uppers come in a black patent finish and feature brogue effects across the whole of the shoe. 

A decorative silver heart sits on the lace fastenings, but can easily be removed for schools with strict guidelines. The padded footbed helps to provide all day comfort while the white leather interior lining helps to complete the look.

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