Our 5 Best Affordable School Shoes

Our 5 Best Affordable School Shoes

Purchasing school shoes for your children can be a costly ordeal. With this guide, we have put together the best affordable school shoes from Lelli Kelly to make sure that your children's feet are comfortable and protected, all for a cheaper price.

How to shop for back to school for cheap

Currently, the cost of living has increased drastically. With this increase, everyday purchases are breaking the bank and the cost of bills have skyrocketed. For this reason, back to school shopping is looking to be an extra expensive shop.

Many parents and guardians are wanting to cut costs, but school shoes are essential, right? Luckily, there are a few ways that you can shop back-to-school for cheaper.

School Shoes Klarna

Lelli Kelly has partnered up with Klarna. With this partnership, you can now purchase your child’s shoes and clothing across a 30 day period with 3 separate instalments, instead of one upfront payment.

Klarna works in a simple and easy way. Continue to the checkout as normal with your desired items, then choose Klarna as your payment method: this can be either ‘pay later in 30 days with Klarna’ or ‘pay later in 3 with Klarna’.

Once you’ve chosen your payment method, you will still have to fill out your details, as if you choose ‘pay in 3’, the first payment will be taken immediately upon checkout.

Buy Now Pay Later School Shoes

‘Shop now and pay later’ is the basic premise of Klarna. As the cost of living goes up, we understand that buying your children’s clothes and school shoes can be a large investment. Using Klarna, you are able to spread the costs out, making the whole purchase more affordable.

With Klarna, you can pay in 30 days - this allows you to try on the Lelli Kelly shoes to make sure it is the correct purchase for you, before spending your money. After 2 days, you will receive an email from Klarna instructing you on how to pay.

When you are happy with your purchase, you then have up to 30 days to pay the total amount; you can either use the Klarna app or their website.

Top picks for affordable school shoes 2023

Below we have picked our favourite school shoes which are all available for affordable prices:

    1. Lelli Kelly Lily Canvas School Pumps

Lelli Kelly Lily Canvas School Pumps

These school pumps are on the Lelli Kelly website for £29.90. This means, through using Klarna, you can make 3 separate instalments across the 30 days, meaning you don’t spend more than £10 on each instalment.

The pumps themselves are made of a canvas material and designed with a double velcro strap making sure they are durable, comfortable and stylish.

For extra style points, a black bow is attached to the outer side of the pump and is also branded with Lelli Kelly in silver on the top velcro strap, making them pop.

    1. Lelli Kelly Lily Patent School Pumps

Lelli Kelly Lily Patent School Pumps

This school pump is very similar to the canvas school pumps, however, they are made of patent leather, making them more durable. They are still as stylish and as comfortable as the canvas pumps, but as they are more durable, they are slightly more expensive.

These pumps are available on the Lelli Kelly website for £33.50.

Lelli Kelly is embroidered onto the top strap in silver, with a black bow on the side of the pump. Each Lelli Kelly school pump also comes with a free drawstring bag, so on P.E day, your child won’t even need an extra bag!

    1. Lelli Kelly Navy Leather Dolly Shoes

Lelli Kelly Navy Leather Dolly Shoes

This Lelli Kelly school shoe is a true classic and also a great choice if you prefer to polish your school shoes.

They come in navy blue leather and have a single velcro strap on the top. The strap is branded with Lelli Kelly. The bottom of the shoe is made up of rubber, making it more durable and extra supportive.

The school shoe is also lined with pink leather on the inside and as a bonus, it comes with a free Lelli Kelly gift!

    1. Lelli Kelly Black Patent Tiffany Dolly Shoes

Lelli Kelly Black Patent Tiffany Dolly Shoes

The Tiffany school shoes are made up of a black patent shiny leather on the exterior and are designed with a single velcro strap which is traditionally embroidered with Lelli Kelly lettering and a clip-on bow on the front of the shoe.

The shoe comes with a small selection of different bows which are interchangeable, allowing your girl's feet to change in style any day of the week.

On purchase of this shoe, you also claim a set of free Lelli Kelly socks!

    1. Lelli Kelly Perrie Black Patent School Shoes

Lelli Kelly Perrie Black Patent School Shoes

These cute and dainty school shoes are on the Lelli Kelly website for £44.90. The exterior is made up of a smart, black patent leather.

A black bow compliments the front part of the shoe and a single velcro strap embroidered with Lelli Kelly lettering adds style to the whole shoe.

The pink leather inside gives all day comfort. If you are looking for a smart, classic looking school shoe, then this is the shoe for you.

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