New Year, New Kids Shoes: Our Guide

New Year, New Kids Shoes: Our Guide

As your kids grow, you may notice that they go through more pairs of shoes than you anticipated. More often than not, you may find that the shoes aren’t actually worn down too much, but your kids feet have developed significantly.

It’s important that every child develops at their own rate, but you need to be sure the shoes you're buying are suitable for the rate in which they're growing.

How often do children need new shoes?

How often you replace your kids shoes really depends on how old they are.

Children under 3 years old

For children under 3 years old, you will need to replace their shoes around three to four times a year. This is because their feet grow the fastest during the first three years.

Since babies and toddlers don’t spend much time on their feet, their shoes will barely show any signs of wear or tear. However, this doesn’t mean that their shoes are still fine to wear. Letting your children wear shoes that don’t fit can be damaging to their feet, and may cause blisters and limping.

Children 4-8 years old

Children in this age group are likely to be spending more time on their feet, meaning that their shoes will likely suffer from wear and tear. Their feet will not be growing as much compared to when they were a toddler, but they are still likely to need new shoes 2-3 times a year.

Children 9-12 years old

Nearing teenage years, the growth rate of your kids' feet will begin to slow. Pre-teens need to replace their shoes at least 1-2 times a year. Some shoes might need to be replaced more often than others, such as sports and school shoes.

Our measuring guide can help you to accurately measure your children and toddler’s feet.

Should I buy my kids new shoes in the new year?

While it isn’t a necessity to buy your kids new shoes in the new year, you may have noticed that their old shoes no longer fit, especially if they are 3 years old or younger.

If your child hasn’t worn their old shoes for some time since the break for christmas, or even before that, then the new year may be the perfect time to purchase them a brand new pair of shoes.

Which kids shoes are most important to replace?

Since children wear their school shoes for the majority of the year, it's important these shoes are replaced around once a year, although this may depend on how old your children are.

School shoes can become damaged through simply walking to school, playing outside on breaks and just through general wear and tear.

It’s worth remembering too that your kids' feet will still be growing, especially when they’re younger. Since school shoes are worn for a large proportion of the day, it's vital they are comfortable and fit correctly.

Which kids shoes need replacing the most?

Shoes that your child wears the most are most likely their school shoes, and potentially trainers too. As children begin to be more mobile as they grow, you are more likely to see increased wear and tear on these shoes.

These shoes will likely need to be replaced more than any other shoe throughout the year, especially since they are likely exposed to different weather conditions and environments throughout the year.

When should I buy new school shoes?

How often you buy your kids new school shoes will solely depend on the condition of the shoe and how fast your kids feet are growing.

If you know your kids will wear their shoes down in no time, you should be buying new ones ideally every 6-8 months.

However, if they look in good condition, they still fit and don’t hurt your kids feet, you could get away with not needing to buy a new pair until later on in the year.

Read our dedicated guides to find out more on buying your kids new school shoes or how long school shoes should last.

Kids shoes to buy this new year

If you know your kids are tough on their shoes, don’t worry. At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a range of quality shoes to replace their old ones.


If your kids are always running around and playing outside, a good pair of trainers is a must. Our Colourissima Nero Vernice Interchangeable Trainers are a sturdy trainer that come with double adjustable fastenings for easily putting on and taking off.

These trainers come in a patent black shimmer upper and interchangeable straps, meaning your kids will love them just as much as you do.


School shoes can be tricky to buy since your kids' feet need to be comfortable all day. The Tracy Navy Blue Bow Patent School Shoes are an ideal school shoe thanks to the chunky sole and patent finish.

These shoes will keep your kids feet protected, whilst looking smart as they play at school.


Boots are always a good choice to opt for since they can be incredibly comfortable and sturdy. Our Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot is a great everyday boot thanks to the elevated sole, elasticated side gussets and the patent finish.

The Ruth boots are perfect for kids who need a boot they can easily throw on before they go outside. 


For the kids who prefer a mixture between boots and trainers, the Pink Fantasy Flamingo Canvas Baseball Boots are ideal. All of our baseball boots are high quality and come with embossed, raised soles as well as moisture wicking insoles to keep their feet fresh.

Not only are these baseball boots tough, they are super cute too and would make any outfit sparkle.

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