How to Measure Kids’ Feet for Boots

How to Measure Kids’ Feet for Boots

Kids' feet grow so fast, and just like they need the right fitting clothes, they also need well-fitting and comfortable boots.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of different boots available online that will keep your kids feet warm this winter.

Are kids’ boots sizes different from their shoe size?

Although they are based on the same measurements, kids boots and shoes generally tend to fit slightly differently.

This is because they are normally shaped differently, with thicker soles and a more rigid design thanks to materials like leather, PU leather and rubber. Due to this, although they may be the same size as your kids trainers or sandals, there is a greater possibility of blisters or sores forming if they don’t fit correctly.

Should you buy kids’ boots in a bigger size?

It's always a good idea to buy a pair of boots for your kids at least half a size bigger than their actual size. Make sure you do only go half a size bigger though, as boots that are too big can compromise your children’s stability and may have a negative impact on their walking.

Whilst you should always keep a minimum gap of 0.5cm between the longest toe and end of the shoes, be aware that you should also have enough room for a thick pair of socks or multiple pairs of thinner socks.

How to find your child’s boot size

A good way to find out your child’s boot size is to measure their feet while they have a thicker pair of socks on. This will give you a more accurate measurement of how your kids feet will fit in a pair of boots, compared to how they’ll fit in their usual pair of shoes.

Going up by half a size of their usual shoe size should fit, but if you’re still unsure, then following our measuring guide below:

  • 1. Have your kids stand with their heels flat against a wall or straight edge, ensuring they are wearing a thicker pair of socks

  • 2. Measure the foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor straight alongside the inside of their foot from their heel to toe

  • 3. Place a flat object at your kids longest toe, and take the measurement from the ruler from the heel to where the flat object meets the biggest toe

  • 4. You can then use our boot size guide to figure out which size will best fit your kids feet. If your kids foot measurement is halfway between sizes, always go up to the larger size

You may find that your kids have different size feet. This is perfectly normal, and you should again size up if this is the case.

Tips for measuring kids’ feet in boots

As we’ve mentioned, you should always measure your kids feet for boots while they are wearing a pair of thick socks. This will help to ensure you don’t buy a pair of boots that are too tight or too loose, and it will also prevent any blisters or sores from developing.

Feet expand during the day, which is why it is a good idea to either measure your kids feet first thing in the morning or in the evening.

You should also be sure to measure both feet, as one is sometimes bigger than the other. If this is the case, you should always base your kids shoe and boot sizes on the larger foots’ measurement. Depending on the age of your kids, you should measure their feet every 3 months to ensure they aren’t wearing boots that are too tight.

You can use our kids foot width guide for even more specific measuring.

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