How to Shop for Kids on a Budget

How to Shop for Kids on a Budget

Kids shoes can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child to buy for. With the current cost of living climate, it can be difficult finding great quality footwear on a budget.

In order to help spend your money wisely, we’ve compiled our top tips for helping you stick to a budget whilst finding long lasting, quality kids footwear.

How many pairs of shoes do children need?

Ideally, you should have a few different pairs of high quality shoes for your kids that can be altered in and out as the seasons change.

A few shoes that may be considered as a staple could include:

Can I find good quality shoes for kids on a budget?

Yes, there are a variety of different high quality shoes and boots on the market which are suitable for your budget.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a range of high quality affordable products to choose from, no matter what your budget is.

Tips to shopping for kids footwear on a budget

We’ve listed a few ways to save money on your kids shoes when money is tight.

Purchase during off seasons

This one may be slightly tricky since your kids feet are likely to grow, but you could buy your kids shoes at the end of each season, ready for the next year.

Many shops try to sell the remainder of their inventory and will usually discount prices quite drastically, which is the perfect opportunity to buy cheap shoes and boots.

Winter is a great time to buy sandals and summer shoes because they are less expensive in the offseason. However, make sure you can estimate how much your kid's feet will grow by the time it reaches the appropriate season, as if you buy their current shoe size, they may not fit.

Measure properly

Measuring your kids feet brings us onto our next point. If your kids shoes are too big or too small, it’s unlikely they’ll get much wear out of them, meaning you may have wasted your money.

You can read our foot measuring guide for toddlers and children here, or check out our size guide for specific Lelli Kelly Products.

Only buy shoes when needed
This may seem like an obvious one, but only buying your kids new footwear when they need it is another easy way to reduce your spendings. If you know your kids have a great pair of shoes from last season, and they still fit into them, you should consider whether you really need to buy a new pair.

If your child is rough on their shoes, find a pair which can stand up to the strain. This will also reduce your need to buy new pairs as frequently.

Buy high quality

As we’ve mentioned, if your kids are quite rough with their footwear, look for a pair which can withstand the wear and tear. Footwear made from high quality materials will likely last them longer. Look for footwear with the following properties:

  • Breathability. Childrens feet sweat a lot, so you should be looking for shoes which are made from breathable materials that allow for air circulation. The wetness from the sweat can lead to a breeding ground of bacteria which is not only bad for the shoes, but your kids feet too.

  • Durability. Rubber soles are incredibly durable, and they provide shock absorption and better cushioning. Avoid flat, thin soles as these will likely provide very little support and wear down extremely quickly.

  • Flexibility. Shoes that are too stiff can be hard to walk in, making it easier for your kids to scuff or damage them. Look for firm, but slightly bendy soles whilst purchasing.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we know kids are likely to be wearing their school shoes the most throughout the year, which is why they can become damaged easily.

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of durable, yet affordable school shoes, take a look at our school shoe range here.

Buy online
Once you’ve established what size your kids' feet are, now is a good time to hunt online for sales and discounts. Many online shoe stores offer perks like free shipping or collection, which is a small way you can cut down on costs. You may be able to snag some exclusive online discounts too.
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