How to Keep Kids Feet Warm Over Winter

How to Keep Kids Feet Warm Over Winter

Finding a pair of boots or shoes that can keep your kids feet warm and comfortable during winter can be tricky.


At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a range of products that are perfect for keeping your kids feet warm and stylish.


Why do kids' feet get cold?


Cold feet happens when your feet are at a lower temperature than the rest of your body. Cold feet can be a normal occurrence, however, there are times when it can be dangerous for your kids.


One reason why your kids' feet could be cold is due to poor circulation, which means it takes longer for the blood to reach their feet.


Young children, especially toddlers and babies, are still developing. For this reason, lots of blood is focused on their brain, lungs and other important developing parts, which is why less blood flows to their hands and feet.


What material is best for keeping your feet warm?


You kids ankles and feet can be susceptible to the cold, especially during Autumn and Winter, which is why you should keep a lookout for shoes and boots which contain materials such as:

  • Wool
  • Shearling/sheepskin
  • Thinsulate
  • Leather
  • Suede

Top tips for keeping your kids' feet warm over winter?


Injuries related to cold weather can occur quickly, which is why it’s so important to keep your kids prepared for the weather.


Here are some of our tips for keeping your kids' feet warm over winter:

  1. Get the right shoes and boots: Warmth and dryness are the most important factors when looking for shoes and boots for your kids. You should look for boots that are waterproof, well insulated and have tight closures to keep the warmth trapped inside them.
  2. Get the right socks: Padded socks are the best at insulating your feet whilst also keeping them dry. Try to avoid 100% wool socks, as they absorb moisture which can actually increase the risk of coldness and blistering. Instead, look for blends of wool and synthetic fibres.
  3. Ensure the right fit: As children's feet are constantly growing, it's important they have a pair of shoes that fit just right. If they are too tight or too loose, this can cause cold related sores on their feet.

Read our guide on how to measure your children's feet to find out more.


Best footwear for kids over winter


At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of boots that will keep your kids feet warm and dry this winter.


Best ankle boots for winter


Our Doris Bianco Side Zip Ankle Boots are perfect for keeping your kids feet warm this winter, all while being bang on trend.


Featuring a chunky sole to keep their feet off the ground, these boots are perfect for layering cosy socks underneath thanks to the adjustable laces and zip fastening.


The Rachele Black Chunky Sole Longer Length Ankle Boots are great for keeping your kids ankle and legs warm, thanks to the higher leg.


These boots have an elasticated panel down the side of the leg, making them ideal for tucking thicker trousers into.


The Lisa Grigio Grey Warm Lined Ankle Boots are great for keeping your kids feet warm on dry days.


The soft faux fur lining will ensure your kids feet stay snug all day, and the rhinestones will keep them feeling stylish.


Best long boots for winter


Our Glamour Alto Nero Glitter Boots are the perfect sturdy and waterproof boot for winter.


The tall leg will keep your kids feet, ankles and legs cosy and the high sole will help to keep their feet off the ground.


The Valerie High White Patent Faux Fur Topped Boots are perfect for dry and cold days thanks to the textile linings and deep faux fur panel.


These boots come in a patent upper, which makes them ideal if the ground is wet but the weather is expected to stay dry.


Alternatively, the Chiara Alto Magiche Nero Vernice Diamante Zip Up Boots make a great asset to any winter wardrobe, thanks to the knee high design.


These boots look great with jeans, tights or trousers and they can be conveniently folded away which makes them ideal for winter travelling.

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