How to Clean Sequin and Glitter Shoes

How to Clean Sequin and Glitter Shoes

Cleaning shoes which have sequins and glitter embellishments can be tricky, especially if they somehow get covered in mud and dirt.

Thankfully, we’ve outlined our top tips below on how to clean embellished shoes without damaging them.

What are glitter and sequin shoes?

Glitter and sequin shoes are those which are embellished with the accessories to create patterns and different designs. They are perfect shoes for little girls who love having unique footwear to suit every occasion.


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Can you clean shoes with glitter, sequins and beads?

Yes, you can clean shoes with glitter, sequins and beads on them, but you need to be slightly more careful than you would with shoes that aren’t embellished.

The way you should care for the embellished shoes will depend on what type of fabric is underneath. Some embellished shoes will be fine to be washed in the washing machine, whilst others will require more delicate hand-washing.

Whilst the sequins, glitter and beads aren’t usually harmed by gentle hand washing, it's possible that the fabric underneath could be ruined. For example, some embellished shoes have structures that can be ruined and lose shape if they get too wet, like baseball boots. It also depends on how the embellishment is attached, such as with glue or if they are sewn on.

Can you put embellished shoes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put some embellished shoes in the washing machine; however, it does depend on how the embellishment is attached. If they are sewn onto the shoe, then they should be fine for machine washing.

Make sure to select:

  • A gentle cycle,

  • A cold temperature and;

  • A low spin cycle.

This will help to prevent any damage to the sequins or beads. You can add a gentle detergent, but avoid adding any fabric softener or bleach as this can wear down the thread that the embellishments are attached with. To protect the shoes even more, put the shoes in a pillowcase or a mesh bag.

Best ways to clean sequin and glitter shoes

Here are our top tips for cleaning embellished shoes:

Spot treat first

To start cleaning sequin and glitter shoes, you should first start by looking for surface stains that can be easily removed. Using a small amount of diluted dish soap and water, use a soft cloth or brush to remove any excess dirt.

If you can, you can try to get beneath the sequins with a Q-tip. These can be handy for cleaning away any dirt from the surface of the sequins too.

Wash by hand

Hand-washing is one of the most gentle and reliable methods for cleaning sequin or glitter shoes. Take out any laces and let them soak in a separate bowl if necessary.

Fill a bowl with cool water and a teaspoon of a gentle detergent. Using the same soft cloth of brush, gently wipe down the shoes. Try not to scrub or wipe too aggressively as this can damage the sequins and may cause them to fall off. Once clean, wipe down with plain cool water to remove any soap residue from the surface of the shoe.

Air-dry the shoes

Once you’ve removed any dirt and washed the shoes, always be sure to let them dry fully. Never put embellished shoes in the dryer as this can cause the actual sequins and glitter to melt, as well as the glue that attaches them.

To dry the shoes, leave them in a warm room away from direct sunlight. Don’t put them on or too close to any radiators as this again could melt the actual embellishments and the glue.

Finish with aftercare

To finish cleaning the shoes, you can spray them with some shoe freshener on the inside and waterproof protectant spray for the outside, which will help the embellishments being damaged from any external factors.

Any kind of washing on a pair of shoes with sequins can inevitably put strain on the integrity of the shoes, so it’s best to wash them as infrequently as possible and just freshen them up with sprays.

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