How to Clean Hook and Loop Shoes

How to Clean Hook and Loop Shoes

Some of our most popular styles include hook and loop fastenings, but they can be known to collect unwanted clothing fibres and lint due to the nature of the material.

This can make the fastening look tired and messy, as well as interfere with how well the strap fastens together. Its a good idea tokeep your kids shoe straps as clean as possibleso that shoes can continue to wear well for your kids feet.

What are hook and loop fastenings?

Hook and loop fastenings, also known as Velcro, are two pieces of nylon that attach together to create a strong closure. The softer side acts as the loop, and the other acts as the hook.

This strong, yet easy to separate closure makes them perfect for straps on shoes, particularly for younger children who are still learning how to tie their laces.

How often should you clean shoes with hook and loop straps

Whilst there are no rules on how often you should be cleaning the hook and loop straps on your kids shoes, regularly cleaning them will prevent any closure issues and ensure they alwaysstay secured on your kids feet.

Since most hook and loop fastenings are made from nylon, they can be a magnet for hair, lint and dust which can affect how well they hold together. As soon as you notice a build-up of this sort, you should consider cleaning them.

How to clean hook and loop straps

You dont have to go out and spend a fortune on tools to clean shoe straps, as you will usually have most of the tools you need at home.

The rougher side will likely collect more dirt, so the softer side will not likely need to be cleaned as frequently.

Use an old toothbrush

Using a toothbrush is probably the easiest method to clean shoe straps. The toothbrush bristles will work through the tiny hooks, picking up any debris as it brushes through.

Use short but quite firm strokes to ensure the bristles are working their way right to the base of the hooks. This will loosen the dirt, allowing you to easily pick it out with your fingers.

Collect dust with sticky tape

Depending on the type of clothing or socks your child wears, the fluff from the fabrics can rub onto the velcro.

To remove this fluff, simply wrap some quality tape around your finger (sticky side facing outwards) and use your finger to loosen the fluff off the straps. The tape will pick up any stray fibres on both the hook and loop side of the straps.

Use a lint roller

A good quality sticky lint roller is also a great way to pull off debris so long as the straps are laid on a flat surface. Simply roll from one end to the other and the dust or clothing fibres should come right out.

Use a fine tooth comb

If you are struggling with loose threads from trousers getting stuck in the straps, simply take a fine tooth comb to loosen any debris. You can then pick the dirt out with your fingers.

If you don't have a comb handy, you can use things such as pins, needles, tweezers and even small hairbrushes.

Can you put shoes with hook and loop straps in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put shoes with hook and loop fastenings in the washing machine. However, we do not recommend putting leather, patent or embellished shoes in the washing machine as this can damage the materials. For example, you should always hand wash shoes like ourTurquoise Glitter Summer Butterfly Dolly Shoes.

Canvas shoes, like ourBlack Lily Canvas School Pumpsare a great example ofshoes suitable for the washing machine.

Always make sure that before you throw your kids shoes in the washing machine, that the straps are fully fastened and they are being washed with similar colours. Separating the fastenings can ruin the fabric and may latch onto wool or nylon fabrics.

Tips to keep hook and loop straps clean

Knowing how often your kids are re-fastening their shoes throughout the day can be difficult, and this may be the reason why their shoe straps are suffering from a dirt and fibre build-up.

However, some tips you can use to keep the strap clean include:

    • Always completely closing the fastening, even when they arent wearing the shoes, to prevent them from collecting any debris.

    • Close the straps fully before throwing them in the washing machine to prevent any unwanted snags from other pieces of clothing.

    • Spray anti-static spray onto the hook and loop sides to repel any lint of fluff.

  • Clean any lint of debris away at least once a month to prevent build-ups.

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