How to Clean and Protect your Wellies

How to Clean and Protect your Wellies

Ensuring that your shoes are clean and protected is a must, but when it comes to wellies, it is even more important. This is because they go through very rigorous conditions, with being splashed in puddles or dragged through the muddiest parts of the walk.

We, of course, don’t blame you or your child - sometimes it can be the most fun part of the walk! With this in mind, we have created this informational blog on making sure your wellies are looked after, because no one likes a leaky boot.

How to clean wellies

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It is always best to make sure your wellies are clean and sparkling after every use. Getting rid of all the mud and other debris after a walk with your wellies will help keep the rubber material flexible, which will also extend their life expectancy.

Cleaning wellies on the outside

When cleaning the outside of the wellies, it is best to use a hose with water to remove excess dirt and then for any mud that has dried, you can use a thick brush to efficiently remove it.

For getting that pesky dirt out of the treads of the wellies, it is best to use a toothbrush so you’re able to get in between the grooves.

Cleaning wellies on the inside

Everyone falls too deep in the water at some point, or gets too muddy, especially when wearing wellies. This is because wellies give you a safety net, meaning you may walk in areas where you wouldn’t usually walk, for instance a muddy bog or through a shallow river.

To get rid of all this muck and grime, simply fill the inside of the boot with water and then scrub out the dirt, and allow it to naturally air dry afterwards.

The cleaning of the inside of your wellies should be taken more seriously than the cleaning of the outside. This is because the waterproof lining on the inside of the boot can become soiled, creating a horrible odour as no cleaning produces a breeding ground for bacteria and also athlete’s foot fungus.

What do you clean wellies with?


Usually, just water will do the trick on the outside of the wellies, however, with heavier soils or winter salts, this won’t be possible. Instead, you will need a solution which is made up of a single teaspoon of dish detergent and two cups of warm water.

Mix the solution and then, using a cloth, scrub it into the wellies and rinse using plain water.


For the inside, it is a similar method to the outside but with a different solution. The solution that should be used this time is a teaspoon of heavy duty laundry detergent with two cups of warm water.

Use a clean cloth to wipe down the whole inside with the solution, and then use another cloth to rinse away the detergent with warm water.

After cleaning both the outside and the inside of your wellies, make sure that they are left to fully air dry naturally.

How to remove white film from wellies

White film is a sign that the quality of your wellies is very good, but it also makes them look dirty and worse for wear. To get rid of this substance and clean it away, you can use a cloth which is soaked in a soapy water solution and then wipe down the outside of the wellies in a downward motion.

Once all white film residue has been removed and cleaned up, you can rinse away the soapy water with warm water.

Drying wellington boots

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It is bound to happen that the inside of your wellies get wet because of too much puddle splashing or because you walked too deep into the lake.

To make sure they are dried properly, leave them to air dry for 24-48 hours.

In an attempt to naturally speed up the process, you can put newspaper into the inside which soaks up excess water.

How do you protect rubber wellies?

The best way to keep sure that your wellies are protected no matter what you put them through is by using a rubber spray.

To apply any protective rubber spray, follow the manufacturer's instructions ,but for the most part, simply spray onto the wellies and then buff it in with a cloth.

How to store your wellies

A wellington rack is the best way to store your wellies. It will help keep a place for your wellies and not get the house all muddy as you enter.

Having a wellington rack will also help you maintain the quality of your wellies as the rubber material, when exposed to sunlight, heat or cold, will become cracked and begin to perish.

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