Footwear Gifts for Little Girls this Christmas

Footwear Gifts for Little Girls this Christmas

Thinking of what to buy your little girls this Christmas can be tricky, especially if they have all the toys they could possibly want.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of shoes and boots that your kids will love to receive this Christmas.

Do kids like footwear as a gift?

Kids, especially these days, love receiving footwear as a gift, and they are often seen as a welcomed change from toys or console games.

Shoes and boots with eye-catching designs and patterns are always a favourite amongst kids, especially when they can wear them out and about on Christmas Day.

What kind of footwear should I buy kids for Christmas?

There are several types of footwear that you could buy your kids for Christmas, some of the most popular include:

No matter what style of shoe or boot you choose, kids love designs and styles that reflect their personalities. If your child loves colour, make sure you opt for a pair which includes their favourite colours and patterns. If they prefer more simple things, try and get them a pair of shoes with little to no embellishment on them.

Best footwear gifts for girls


Our Sarah Bianco Adjustable Hook and Loop Trainer Shoes are a great pair of trainers for the little girls who prefer a simple style of shoe with just a tiny amount of embellishment. These classic white trainers come with a velcro strap, making them super easy for your kids to put them on/off by themselves.

They also have a thick sole unit, providing all the support and stability your kids need while they’re out playing. The textile lining also helps to provide a comfortable fit.


Hi-tops are a great option for the little girls who love a lot of colour and design. The Dafne Mid Red Glitter Warm Lined Canvas Baseball Boots would make a great Christmas gift for the kids who love shimmer and glitter.

These boots have full red shimmer uppers with beaded uppers. The zip lace fastening makes them ideal for kids to put these shoes on by themselves, and the warm fur lining will provide extra warmth on cold days.


The Ali Di Fata Vernice Rosa Wings Ankle Boots are the perfect boot for the girly girls this winter. These boots come in a patent baby pink colour and are complemented by the pink glitter removable wings.

The Ali Di Fata boots also come with a chunkier sole unit, making them ideal for wearing during the Christmas period to help keep your kids feet protected from a variety of different weather conditions.


Get your kids ready for the new year with the Megan Fuxia Pink Warm Lined Canvas shoes. These shoes come with a warm fur lining, meaning your kids will be able still wear canvas styles of shoes in the colder months.

The bright pink fuchsia canvas uppers are decorated with a variety of pink beads that make up flowers. The velcro fastening also makes them incredibly easy for kids to take off/ put on themselves, as well as providing a perfect fit.


Our Pink Unicorn Stars Wellies are a super cute gift that your kids will get use from nearly all year round. These wellies feature a cute pink unicorn face print and starry uppers, making them perfect for the girls who love all things mystical.

The chunky sole unit helps to keep your kids feet lifted off the ground and protected from harsh weather conditions.

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