Christmas Outfit Inspiration for Kids

Christmas Outfit Inspiration for Kids

Picking out outfits for your kids this Christmas may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Our Christmas outfit inspiration guide runs through some outfit ideas featuring our top quality shoes and boots.

What clothes should kids wear on Christmas day?

Christmas Day is a great time for kids to get dressed in their brand new clothes, or even in the clothes they’ve been waiting for a special event to wear to.

However, you may want to prompt your kids to dress in a certain way, especially if you plan on taking pictures or going out somewhere.

Comfort vs style

Choosing between dressing your kids in comfy or stylish clothes may be a challenge you face every year.

If you’re heading out to a family member's house or having Christmas dinner out somewhere, you may want to dress your kids in more stylish and trendy clothing items.

If you are more likely to have a relaxed Christmas Day, you may want to stick to comfy and cosy clothes.

Best outfits for kids over the festive season

Kids outfits for Christmas Day

No matter what you’re doing during Christmas Day, your kids are likely to be excited to play with their new toys. This is the perfect time to let them relax in their pyjamas or comfy loungewear.

Pink and white slippers with doll face

The Bella Fuxia Slippers make the perfect addition to any pyjama day outfit, and are super comfy for all day wear. They feature a non-slip sole, which is great for a day of playing.

Blue Mermaid Baseball Boots

However, if you’re more likely to be out the house, a super casual outfit would pair perfectly with our Rosa Blue Mermaid Canvas Baseball Boots. These colourful baseball boots would pair perfectly with jeans, and add a touch of sparkle to plain outfits.

Kids outfit for Christmas parties

We recommend going all out with your kids outfit at Christmas parties, as it may be the one time of the year they can feel like a princess!

White/Fuxia Interchangeable Tutu Trainer

For those who prefer trainers, the Mille Stelle White/Fuxia Interchangeable Tutu Trainer is a perfect choice.

With an interchangeable tutu ballerina design and diamante scattered across the shoe, they pair perfectly with jeans and a fancy top or even a cute pink dress.

Pink Crown Dolly Shoes

For those who want to feel like a proper princess, our Pink Pearled Princess Crown Dolly Shoes will do the job!

Wear alongside any dress for the ultimate princess outfit. Embroidered with silver and pink crowns, your kid will never want to take these shoes off.

Nude Vernice Patent Ankle Boots

Alternatively, if your kids prefer wearing boots, the Ruth Nude Vernice Patent Ankle Boot is a great and versatile product that matches a wide variety of outfits.

Because these boots are nude, we suggest pairing them with your kids' sparkliest Christmas outfit.

Kids outfit for playing in the snow

Pink unicorn wellies

The Pink Unicorn Stars Wellies are a great pair of durable boots, ideal for tucking winter pants into.

These boots will keep your kids feet warm and dry, all while providing enough room for thick, cosy trousers to be tucked in. We suggest pairing these boots with waterproof trousers and a jacket, or a cosy snowsuit.

Black Glitter Boots

Alternatively, for some extra sparkle whilst your little ones play in the snow, we recommend our Glamour Alto Nero Glitter Boots. These boots pair perfectly with an all white snowsuit, or even slim waterproof trousers.

Kids outfit for a cosy day in

After a busy Christmas, you can’t beat a lazy day on the couch.

Pink slippers with doll face

We suggest pairing a cosy set of pyjamas with our range of Lelli Kelly Slippers. With a wide variety of different colour combinations, we know you will be able to find a pair of slippers to match your little ones loungewear attire.

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