Choosing the Right Boots for your Children

Choosing the Right Boots for your Children

With the cold and wet months coming, you may be considering buying a new pair of boots for your kids. But, with the unpredictable weather, it can be hard choosing the perfect pair.

Do not fret, we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose your kids next pair of boots!

What types of boots are there for children?

Choosing a pair of boots for your kids can be difficult, especially when they’re picky and there is such a variety of designs and styles available. Remember that just one pair of boots may not be enough if you live in areas with changing weather.

Snow boots

If you live in parts of the country that experiences heavy snow, a snow boot is an essential for your child. Snow boots provide warmth and insulation, keeping your child's feet protected and safe out in the snow.

They are usually made from synthetic materials, and some are even made from leather to keep their feet warm and dry. Look for warm materials such as faux-fur and fleece that can help to trap the warmth.

Snow boots should also have plenty of traction, making it easy to walk through snow and ice.


Wellies are a great way to keep your kids' feet dry and warm on those rainy days. Wellies are typically made from rubber materials and are simple in design. They are not usually insulated, so they don’t keep much warmth, but they are waterproof which is exactly what you need for the unpredictable British weather!

Wellies for kids come in a variety of different colours, patterns and designs, making them fun for kids to wear.

Although they are perfect for wet days, they don't provide much in the way of warmth so should not be used as a winter boot, unless they’re paired with some thick socks.

Knee boots

Knee boots are a must have for the autumn and winter months. They are made from a variety of fabrics from leather to suede to rubber, and will usually come insulated for an extra layer or warmth.

Knee boots are ideal for tucking trousers or jeans into in order to trap in the heat, keeping your kids legs and feet nice and cosy. Knee boots don’t usually provide much resistance against water, so they’re best for those cold but dry days.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a classic no matter what age you are. They make a great everyday boot for colder days, and depending on what material they’re made of, they can be great for wet days too.

They also come in a variety of styles from lace up, slip on and zippers, making them ideal for wearing with a thick pair of socks.

Is it safe for young children to wear boots?

Yes, it is safe for young children to wear boots although, depending on which boot you choose, they may not provide much support.

As long as the boots are not too tight or too loose, young children should not suffer from any foot issues, such as blisters or sores.

What to consider when buying boots for children

When you’re buying boots for children, there are a few things you may want to consider. Firstly, think about where you live and the type of weather you would expect in your area. For example, if it rains a lot where you live, it would be worth investing in a sturdy pair of wellies or rain boots that your kids can wear all year round when needed.

In terms of weather, you should also consider if the boots you have are sufficient for days when it may be icy or snowy. Whilst wellies have some grip, they may not be the best suited option when it gets really icy. Look for boots which have a good grip on the soles to prevent any slips or trips.

You should also be looking for boots which can provide warmth, or have enough room to wear thick socks underneath. Ideally, look for boots that are fur or fleece lined to help trap the warmth inside.

Some of the basics to look for include:

  • Looking for close-cropped soles to prevent tripping
  • Making sure there is enough room for movement in the boot
  • Look for adjustable fastenings
  • Try to find shoes with ankle support and protection

The best type of boots for kids

Boots for dry days

All black glossy kids ankle boots

The Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot is perfect for cold, but dry days. The boots come in a patent black upper, with an elasticated side gusset making them ideal to wear with a thick pair of socks.

The zip fastening also makes them super easy to get on/off, meaning they are the perfect choice to throw on before leaving the house.

Pink glitter kids boots with large pink bow attached to front

For some sparkle on dry days we suggest our Fior Di Fiocco Glitter Fuxia Large Bow Ankle Boots. These boots come with a super cute pink velour bow on each boot, and have velour laces too, making them perfect for dry days.

The boots are covered with a pink shimmer protected by a clear coating, meaning if an unexpected storm were to happen, your kids' feet will be kept dry.

Boots for wet weather

White and red wellies with pink flower pattern on the side

Our White Floral Wellies will keep your kids feet dry and stylish at the same time. These cute boots come with a 3D red bow on each boot, but also have a sturdy sole, making them ideal for walking in the autumn and winter weather.

Black glitter boots with chunky sole

For kids who prefer to wear boots over wellies, we recommend the Glamour Alto Nero Glitter Boots. These boots are perfect for wet days as they’re made from sturdy leather and have a chunky sole, keeping your kids feet dry from any puddles.

The boots also have black multi-glitter on the thigh, keeping your kids stylish through autumn and winter.

Warm boots

Grey ankle boots with breathable holes

When the weather is dry but it’s freezing outside, the Lisa Grigio Grey Warm Lined Ankle Boots are the perfect choice for keeping your kids feet warm.

The light suede uppers embellished with rhinestones add a touch of sparkle, whilst the soft warm lining ensures your kids feet will be cosy and comfortable all day.

Tall black kids boots

Our Susan Black Vernice/Laminato Over the Knee Boots are also a great choice, especially if you want a boot that will keep your kids legs warm too.

These boots are made from a patent leather and a ribbed textile which will fit snugly against your kids legs, keeping them protected against frosty weather.

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