Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. A few simple tips can help you build a budget-friendly shopping list, saving you money on all sorts of school equipment and supplies.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a great selection of budget friendly back to school products to choose from, meaning you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

How to budget for back to school shopping

Planning ahead for back to school season can make it much easier to stick to a budget and make costs much more manageable.

Some of the ways you could budget your school shop include:

- Keeping a list of everything your child needs for a new school year and buying different things across the course of the year to spread the costs.


- Looking out for deals at different times of the year. School uniforms usually go on sale after the initial rush in July and August, so you could buy in advance for next year while the prices are a bit cheaper.


- Only buy essentials. For example if your kids' school trousers or shirt still fit them and they still look in good condition, you might be able to get away with not buying new versions. Instead, you could focus on buying new items they need, such as school shoes or a school bag.


What is the most expensive part of back to school shopping?

One of the most expensive parts of back to school shopping is finding a good pair of comfortable school shoes that will be able to withstand daily wear.

Other pieces of school uniforms, like trousers and shirts, don’t really need to be anything too specific, usually as long as they align with the school’s dress code.

However, school shoes can cause a lot of problems for parents, especially if they need to be a certain shape, polishable, have specific fastenings and even meet a specific heel height. Trying to meet all of these requirements can be tricky and many parents have to spend more than they’d like on school shoes.

What should you prioritise when school shopping for kids?

One of your top priorities when shopping for school uniforms is to focus on quality pieces, particularly high quality shoes that will be able to last your kids the whole school year.

Finding a high quality pair of school shoes is the best way to save costs across the year, as once you’ve bought them, you won’t need to buy another pair for the rest of the school year. This means you can focus on replacing other things, such as trousers, that don’t cost as much compared to shoes.

Top tips for back to school shopping on a budget

Listed below are some of our top tips for back to school shopping on a budget.

Plan ahead

If you’re planning on buying something which you know is more expensive than other items, it’s a good idea to strategically decide when you want to buy it.

For example, if you are planning on buying a more expensive pair of shoes, buying them in the off season can sometimes help as prices may be lower.

You can also plan how you’re going to pay for them; whether you’re going to save up and buy them in one purchase or spread the cost over a few months. At Lelli Kelly Shop, we accept Klarna payments for all of your products, allowing you to spread the cost into smaller, more manageable payments.

Shop around the supermarkets

When the time comes to head out to supermarkets for affordable uniform options, make sure you’re shopping around and comparing the prices. Supermarkets are usually saviours for many when it comes to school uniforms and essentials, especially when you’re shopping on a budget.

However, don’t focus too heavily on the small price differences, because although you want something affordable, you don’t want to be compromising on quality. Kids can very easily stain or rip their uniforms, so paying extra for durability and better quality isn’t always a bad thing.

Use what you have

Just because a new school year is starting, doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand new uniform. Jumpers and blazers may still be in great condition from the previous year. If they still fit and are in good condition, you could save yourself some money by having them dry-cleaned for the new year, even if just give them a bit of TLC at home.

This goes for school accessories too. Things like pencil cases, bags and backpacks don’t need to be bought brand new if they still look good and function as they should.

Use hand me downs

If you have kids who are just a few years apart, you can make the most of it by saving your eldest uniform for your younger ones. You can even reuse coats, bags and shoes if they’re still in good condition.

Before you start buying, you can also look on Facebook groups to see if anyone is giving away their kids' old uniforms.

Buy bigger

We all know how fast kids grow, and before you know it they’re a size bigger before the school term is even over. If you want your child's uniform to last, it may be worth sizing up.

Shirts, polos, jumpers, coats and blazers are perfect for sizing up as you can get away with them being slightly bigger. Leaving room for your child to grow into them means you won’t need to buy anything new anytime soon.

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