Boots or Wellies for Kids this Winter?

Boots or Wellies for Kids this Winter?

Finding the right pair of boots for your kids in the winter is essential for keeping their feet protected. However, choosing between boots or wellies can be tricky.

In this guide, we’ll talk through which boots are appropriate for the varied winter weather, as well as what to look for in a winter boot.

The different types of boots for kids

In winter, your kids will need footwear that keeps their feet protected, warm and dry. Boots are a great option for this, and thankfully there are many different styles you can choose from, such as:

  • Knee high boots

  • Ankle boots

  • Platform boots

  • Fur lined boots

  • Lace-up boots

  • Velcro boots

What types of shoes are best for kids in winter?

When choosing a pair of shoes for your kids this winter, there are several elements you should look out for in terms of materials and composition.

Waterproof shoes

Waterproof boots come with a tighter lining than water-resistant shoes, meaning they are much more suitable for winter months. Most come with a synthetic or leather outer surface that protects the feet from getting wet in the rain and snow.


For example, our Pink Unicorn Stars Wellies are a great pair of waterproof wellies thanks to the rubber exterior. The tighter linings and chunky sole unit makes these boots ideal for kids who love jumping in puddles.

Insulated shoes

When you’re shopping for winter shoes and boots, look for a pair that is well insulated to keep your kids feet warm. Linings such as sherpa, shearling and faux fur will all help to keep those little feet warm as the temperatures drop.


When the rain stops and the days get frostier, getting a good pair of insulated boots like the Michelle Brown Suede Diamante Cuff Warm Lined Boots are a great way to keep your kids feet warm. With a faux fur trim around the outside and inner linings, there’s no chance of your kids suffering from cold feet this winter.

Comfortable shoes

Regardless of what kind of shoes or boots you buy your little one this winter, comfort should never be ignored. While a good fit and the style of them is important, the comfort of your kids feet should be a priority.

Consider things like wiggle room for their toes and soft lining to prevent their feet from getting sore or developing blisters. Remember, in the winter your kids will likely need some thick socks under their boots.


The Doris Bianco Side Zip Ankle Boots are a chunky pair of winter boots that will keep your kids feet comfortable all day. Thanks to the chunkier design, these boots are ideal for pairing with thick, fluffy socks.

Can kids wear wellies in the snow?

Wellies are great for kids to wear in the snow, as they keep their feet protected from both the cold temperature and the wet. Since they’re waterproof, they’re harder for the snow to get in, and thanks to their shape they are also great for wearing with thick, fluffy socks.

The grip of wellies will also help to keep your kids stable on uneven surfaces that could be hidden under the snow.

Are snow boots better than wellies?

When it comes to warmth, snow boots are the superior option over wellies. This is because snow boots are usually lined with layers of insulation inside the boot and around the ankle area. This makes walking through snow feel like a breeze.

However, wellies do have their own purpose and they do cover more of the leg than the average snow boot, making them far more handy for wet weather. Given that you’re more likely to experience rain than snow in the UK, a good pair of sturdy wellies will see your kids through the winter months.

Wellies won’t keep your kids feet as warm as snow boots, but with the rate in which kids feet grow, splashing out on an expensive pair of snow boots may not be the best option. Having the right pair of socks to pair with your kids' wellies will keep their feet toasty warm and dry.

Should you size up or down in winter boots for kids?

Generally speaking, you should be looking for a pair of winter boots that will accommodate a thick pair of socks. Start by measuring your kids feet, and then size up one size from there. This will give them extra room for their socks and some wiggle room for their toes.

Our guide to measuring children and toddlers feet may help you with this.

If possible, remove the lining from the boots and check they fit your kids feet like that. This way you’ll be able to get a better idea of the placement of your kids foot in the boot and the amount of toe room they have. Put the lining back in and have your kids walk around in the boot one final time to check there isn’t too much slipping in the back heel of the boot.

At what temperature should kids wear winter boots?

Winter boots for kids are recommended when the temperature begins to drop below 7°C. If the weather is still quite warm, there is no harm in your kids wearing the boots. However, you should be aware of the fact their feet may get quite hot, especially if the boots are very insulated.

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