Best Party and Occasion Shoes for Kids

Best Party and Occasion Shoes for Kids

Finding a pair of party shoes for your children can be hard, especially when they need to be both comfortable and suitable for the occasion.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a wide variety of shoes and boots which are perfect for parties or formal occasions.

What kind of shoes should children wear to a party?

Ideally, the main thing you want to focus on with your kids shoes is that they are comfortable. If your children are going to a party, it’s likely they will be on their feet for a long period of time, and if the shoes aren’t comfortable, they may end up with blisters or sores.

Another factor to consider is appearance. If your children care about how they dress, it's worth buying a pair of shoes for parties that they’ll love. Whether this be a certain colour, pattern or design of shoe, your kids will want to feel party ready.

What shoes should my child wear to a formal event?

Again, first of all, no matter what kind of shoe you choose for your children for formal events, comfort should be the main priority. Make sure the shoe fits snugly to your children's feet, but not so tight that they start rubbing.

You should look at the shape of the shoe to determine whether or not they are suitable for formal occasions. Try to stray away from trainers or casual style shoes, and instead think of the shape and design your kids wear to school, like ballet style flats and formal sandals.

This kind of shoe is versatile and more often than not, extremely comfy.

What kind of shoes should children wear to a party?

No matter what event or occasion you’re going to, we’ve got the perfect party shoes for your kids!

Boots for outdoor events

Shiny black leather ankle boots

Depending on the type of event your kids are going to, boots may be the perfect option. For more smart casual events, we recommend our Ruth Black Patent Ankle Boot.

Coming in a patent black upper, with elasticated sides, your kids feet will be comfortable and stylish no matter what the occasion is.

Silver glitter chunky sole ankle boots

Alternatively, for more of a party look, we suggest our Ali Di Fata Argento Glitter Wings Ankle Boots. These boots are a must have for autumn party season..

The boots come in a silver patent and have a chunky sole, making them perfect for partying all night long. Not to mention, the wings add an extra element of magic!

Shoes for weddings

Ice white butterfly adjustable sandals

For a wedding, we recommend our range of sandals, specifically our Bianco Agata Diamante Butterfly Adjustable Sandals. Whether your child is a flower girl or a guest at a wedding, they’ll be ready to celebrate in these super cute sandals.

The diamante butterflies add a touch of sparkle and the padded footbed will ensure those little feet are ready to dance.

Silver dolly shoes with glitter and embellished with 3D flowers

Alternatively, if your little one prefers wearing shoes, our Glitter Argento Gaia Flower Dolly Shoes are a great choice.

Covered in a silver glitter and embellished with 3D flowers, these shoes pair perfectly with a pretty wedding guest dress.

Shoes for parties

Dolly shoes embellished with multi-coloured beads and a pink sole

Whether it be a family gathering or a school disco, embellished canvas shoes may be the best choice. One of our favourites are the Pink Glitter Ava Dolly Shoes, which will keep your children sparkling with every step they take.

Embellished with multi-coloured beads and a pink sole, they’ll be ready to party all whilst being comfortable.

Flat ballet shoes with a large diamante decorative heart on the front of the shoe

We also have a great range of flat ballet shoes, such as the Golden Rose Patent Heart Magiche Shoes. These shoes come with a large diamante decorative heart on the front of the shoe, adding some extra bling.

The soft elasticated upper and textile lining stops them from slipping off, and will keep your kids feet comfortable for long periods of time.

Not to mention they can be folded in half, which is perfect if they need to have a change of shoes on hand.

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