The Best Types of Kids Shoes for Spring Walks

The Best Types of Kids Shoes for Spring Walks

Going on spring walks is a must for many different families, no matter whether you live in the countryside or in more of an urban, city environment. 

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of different shoes and boots that are ideal for walking in a variety of different areas, rain or shine. 

Are boots or shoes better for walking?

As a general rule of thumb, if you are going on a short walk, a pair of shoes will do the job; but, if you’re going slightly further on more challenging terrains, you should opt for a pair of boots that will provide ankle support and comfort.

What type of footwear you choose also depends on the weather. For example, in the colder and wetter months, it’s always a good idea to wear boots in order to keep feet dry and warm. You can then go for a lighter shoe in the summer that will help to keep feeling cool and moisture free. 

What types of shoes are best for kids when out walking?

Before you look at styles and colours, it's a good idea to know the basic features of what to look out for. This will ensure your kids can walk comfortably, without any risk of blisters forming while you’re out walking. 

Some features to look out for include:

  • Room for growth and movement 
  • Lightweight, flexible soles
  • Fully adjustable fastenings 
  • Padded ankle support 
  • Traction soles 

Our best shoes for long walks

Our Unicorn Pink Rainboot Toggle Top Wellies are ideal for those long muddy dog walks thanks to their fully waterproof uppers and drawstring toggles on the top. Perfect for tucking trousers into, these wellies have an adjustable toggle that can be tightened when the weather takes a turn for the worse, or loosened to allow for breathability when the rain stops. These wellies also come with fleece lined inners that help to keep legs warm on colder walks. 

The Glenda Rosa Shimmer Adjustable Trainer Shoes are a great pair of lightweight trainers, perfect for any longer spring walk. These types of trainers come with elasticated laces, ideal for different foot widths, and adjustable hook and loop strap fastenings. 

The Glenda shoes come in shimmery pink uppers, with Lelli Kelly branding on the adjustable strap and an easy to clean white sole unit to complete the look. 

Our Denim Bianco Colorissima Trainers will have your kids stepping out in style and comfort thanks to the pearlescent uppers and traction sole unit. The double adjustable straps means these shoes are perfect for keeping them securely fastened on your kids feet, as well as easy on/off suitable for any foot width. 

Straps can be changed between 4 different styles, which is perfect for dedicating a pair to the dirtier, more challenging walks. 

For walks in more urban areas, the Colorissima Argento/Rosa Dolly Trainer Shoes are another great choice thanks to the open design and easy, adjustable strap fastenings. This shoe also comes with traction sole units, making them ideal for parks, pavements and many more city centre areas. 

These dolly trainers also feature 4 different strap fastenings, which are ideal for changing out for every walk. 

Another pair of shoes which are ideal for city environments are our Estelle Metallic Rosa Pink Ankle Boots. These boots are super lightweight and come in soft leather uppers, which help to prevent any blisters or sores forming.

The double adjustable hook and loop fastenings make it easy for kids to take them off and put them on by themselves and the arch support helps to provide support and stability with every step. 

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