Best Kids Shoes for Warm Feet on Cold Days

Best Kids Shoes for Warm Feet on Cold Days

Finding a pair of shoes or boots which keep your kids feet both warm and dry can be a challenge, especially when all your little ones may want to do is play outside.

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a range of shoes and boots that will keep your kids feet warm on cold days, and leave them looking stylish.

Why is it important for children’s feet to be warm?

It’s important to keep children's feet warm as our feet help us to regulate our body temperature. If your children have cold feet after being in cold and wet weather all day, they may find it difficult to warm up or maintain warmth.

Cold feet can weaken immune systems and can negatively affect children's overall health and development, which is why wearing appropriate footwear during the winter is vital for prevention of sickness and injuries.

Which types of shoes keep kids feet the most warm?

When looking for shoes to keep your kids feet warm, you should look for sturdy and insulated designs.

There are a variety of different shoes and boots for you to choose from that will keep your kid’s feet warm and cosy all day long.

Which types of shoes keep kids feet the most warm?

There are a few different qualities to look for when choosing which shoes or boots to get your kids for the colder seasons, and we’ve created a full list below to help you choose.


Autumn and winter doesn’t just bring about cold weather, it also brings about snow, ice and freezing cold rain. Because of this, the boots and shoes you choose for your kids must repel water.

Generally, a good waterproof shoe will be made from leather, neoprene, vinyl or synthetic nylon fibres. We recommend a boot like a welly for optimal wet weather protection, such as our White Floral Wellies which will keep your kid’s feet cosy and dry during cold seasons.


For young children especially, it is important that the shoe or boot is light enough that they can fully use their motor skills. When the ground is covered in snow or there’s a lot of water on the ground, movement will be much easier if the footwear is lighter.

You can determine whether or not your child finds their shoes too heavy by observing how they walk when they try them on.


Autumn and winter doesn’t just bring the rain, it brings the freezing cold weather too. A good way to keep your kid’s little feet warm is by looking for boots and shoes which are fur lined, such as the Hilary Nero Pelle Boots.

Fur lining provides extra warmth and insulation, which is vital for maintaining normal body temperature when out in cold weather.

Correctly fitted

You may be tempted to buy shoes and boots which are slightly bigger than necessary in order to save money, but you should be aware of the risks in doing so.

A shoe or boot which is too wide can affect your child's comfort, and can also result in them being able to feel the cold more in their feet.

Alternatively shoes that are too tight can also cause blisters, frostbite and sores.

Our top shoe picks to keep kid’s feet warm

At Lelli Kelly Shop, we have a variety of shoes and boots which will keep your child's feet cosy and dry this autumn and winter season.

Angie Glitter Ankle Boots

Our Angie Glitter Rosso Ankle Boots are perfect for cold and wet days, especially for those who love a little sparkle. The boots have a sturdy and chunky sole, making them comfortable and easy to walk in all day long.

They are also textile lined and have a padded ankle cuff which will keep your little one’s feet nice and snug. Pair with a breathable pair of thick socks for added comfort.

Dark pink ankle boots with black laces

Valerie Patent Faux Fur Boots

When the weather remains cold but dry, we recommend our Valerie High White Patent Faux Fur Topped Boots. With a deep faux fur panel and inner textile linings, your kids will be extra warm on those frosty and breezy days.

The lower patent half of the boot and rubber sole will also keep your kids feet dry should they happen to find any puddles!

White fur knee high winter boots

Ruth Patent Ankle Boot

The Ruth Patent Ankle Boot comes in a black patent upper with elasticated side gussets on the side of the boots, making them the perfect pairing with some thick, cosy socks.

The patent design means the boots will repel water, making them a great choice for the unpredictable Great British Weather.

Black Patent Ankle Boot
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