Back to School Guide: School Shoes & Accessories

Back to School Guide: School Shoes & Accessories



Back to school shopping can be tough, especially when it comes to finding the correct school shoes to perfectly fit your little ones feet.

With this guide, we’ll help you to find the right pair of school shoes for your children and ensure that you’re back to school ready by September!

Our Back to School Checklist

There are a few key items that you will need for your child when they are going back to school:

  • - School Shoes
  • - Bag or Backpack
  • - Lunch Box
  • - School Uniform and P.E clothes
  • - P.E Trainers or Pumps
  • - Stationary

Which school shoes should you choose?

When it comes to choosing school shoes, it can become a difficult process as there are so many options available.

Some of the things that need to be kept in mind are the overall durability of the shoe. Are they secure on your child’s feet? What sort of sizing is needed? Is the shoe waterproof?

All Lelli Kelly shoes are made to be durable and secure whilst being comfy and stylish. This makes them a great choice of school shoes for your girls’ feet.

Our top school shoe picks

We have been scouring the Lelli Kelly Shop to produce a list of some of our favourite school shoes to help you find the perfect fit.

Lelli Kelly Frankie Navy

Navy lelli kelly school shoes with strap

The Lelli Kelly Frankie shoe is a great school shoe for the older girl at school. This stylish shoe comes in a navy colour and is fastened through a singular buckle which has a blue velour bow attached to the strap.

The outer sole on the bottom of the shoe is quite chunky. This chunkier sole gives more protection and more support to your child's feet when they are running around the playground.

The padded leather lining also allows for added comfort. As an added bonus, this shoe also comes with a free pair of Lelli Kelly socks!

Lelli Kelly Lily Black School Pumps

All black school shoes with velcro straps and black bow

School shoes are usually worried about so much that pumps for P.E are completely forgotten about. Don’t worry, we’ve included them in our list so you don’t forget!

The Lelli Kelly Lily school pumps are unforgettable, made of patent leather and designed with a double velcro strap; they are durable, comfy and stylish.

A black bow is attached to the outer shell of the pump and is branded with Lelli Kelly in silver on the top strap to make them look extra special.

Lelli Kelly Colourissima School Shoes

Black school shoes with velcro straps and black and white star attached on strap

This school shoe collection is perfect for those creative girls or those looking to uniquely stand out from the crowd.

Each shoe comes with three interchangeable straps. One strap is plain black with Lelli Kelly embroidered into it, the second has a bow attached to the strap and the final strap has a removable, white padded material. This white material can be decorated yourself with the felt tip pens included with the shoe.

There is also a choice of three emblems from this collection: a bow, a star or a heart.

The shoe itself is made of a black patent leather which is soft and durable. The inner shoe is lined with pink leather which completes the look. The inner lining is also padded around the ankle, heel and around the toes to make sure your young girl is comfortable in her new, self decorated shoes.

Our top school shoe picks

Not only will your child need new school shoes, they may need some accessories alongside. Why not get them all together in one easy package?

Black school bag with three zip sections and purple Lelli Kelly text on the front

At Lelli Kelly, we also offer different accessories, such as the Black School Backpack. This bag has a larger zipped compartment to the back of the bag and then two zip compartments at the front of the bag.

The straps attached are adjustable, meaning that the bag can grow at the same rate as your child to make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money every year on new bags. It is branded with Lelli Kelly on the front pocket in bright pink lettering.

Black hair clips with silver butterfly attached in the middle

Girls that have long hair will want to have the option to get it out of their face when running around in the playground.

With Lelli Kelly’s hair clips, they can put their hair up with style. There are four different options, either three different styles of bows, all tied differently, or a black flower. Each hair clip is almost entirely black making them suitable for back to school.

Pink and purple kids wellies with a pink unicorn on the bottom and stars around the top

With school trips becoming great ways for children to learn out and about, it is important that they are equipped with the correct footwear. Lelli Kelly Wellies are the perfect fit if your child has a school trip to the woods, a muddy field or even the farm.

They even come with a free headband!

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